Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Could I Limbo?

I wish for just one moment that I could wake up in the morning and not feel the aches and pains I do. Now I know that mine are nothing to others, but do you remember the days when you could do anything whenever you wanted, not that I would want to be doing summersaults on my head like my newphew, This young whippersnapper just goes and goes, Yesterday I tried to stand on my bed, now it has a feathertop feather matress on it, which is not very stable, I had a heck of a time just trying to level two pictures. If I did not have the headboard to support me, I would have easily fallen, hopefully on the bed, not onto the floor. So I have decided that I am going to work on getting more limber and this will have to start with stretching and doing my Tai Chi. There are so many benefits of Tai Chi, I don't know why I start and then stop, and now have to start again, but me joints are starting to talk to me!  If they could talk they would be like, HEEEEY LAAADY!
So why I am so concerned with my health and getting healthier is due to all these cutbacks that I am hearing about everyday on the news, Unfortunately a vast majority of their clearcut opinions on how to improve an already failing system is to hit the seniors hard!  There is also talk about closing mental health care facilities, the problems are that people are not being taken care of properly now....Okay Cinner, breathe, breathe, I could really get fired up over this. Someday hopefully with the grace of God I will be a senior, Health Care should be a given in this country and should not be descriminated upon age because frankly age is really a state of mind. I have a couple of friends that are 82 and 83, they can dance circles around me....I will be watching this one very closely...So the better I take care of myself the better my future will be. I am pretty happy with my present situation, and now that I have vented I am off to have my Very Best Day Ever! 
p.s. I will not pose in the position above for a picture, everyone breathe a big sigh of relief. Have a great day, live and be happy!


  1. Easy, lady!
    I was so worried today
    I thought I was gonna busta heart valve
    So I put on all kinds of happy songs.
    They did the trick, if only for a minute.
    Summer Loving Karaoke in the Living Room!
    Had me a blast!
    Sing with me, Cinner!


    let's take a tumble together!! And I know what you mean, there are things I used to do that I can no longer do. But you know what? There are things I never could do and now I can. Sing with me - and remember just how wonderful and amazing you are.

    Love to you

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  4. cinner...that 'removed' post was from me! I made a mistake in it (imagine that!!), I'll try again. Here it is (hopefully without 'goofs'...but if I goof again, I'm leaving it..!! :))) (Just call me Goofy!)

    cinner...I'll pose if you will (and I won't! :)))
    That nephew of yours looks like he's made of spaghetti. I don't think I can EVER remember being able to do matter how young I was!! I send you a warm hug..loving your post...knowing that you feel the hugs....from me to you.

  5. Hey Jackie, you should see what he can do on the trampoline, and all before, love having you as a follower. until next time. Big Hug.

    Gail, there are things I never could do and now I can. That is so true! I know you and I have accomplished more than either of us realize. I am very proud of us both.

    Anne, no busting any heart valves. Dance, dance, Your a karaokeer right! I am reminded of you going through that door at the airport. take care. lol.

  6. I was changing a light bulb and was standing on a bed yesterday, didn't fall but sure was wobbly, no we can't do what we use to but I think when we had the flexibilityly we didn't know how to do things now we know how but don't have the flexibiltiy....go figure, I think we all should just do what we can and enjoy doing it......(I just reread this and think I used a lot of words that don't make sense.LOL) Have a great day......:-) Hugs


    I'm sorry that this even has to be a worry for you.


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