Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Body Is Saying No!

Good Morning, I have been trying to load pics for the last two hours, so no pics today, for whatever reason! Blogger is being Mr. Crankypants today for me. lol. I was amazed yesterday when we went for a drive down by the river at all the dedicated runners out running. I have always admired them because they seem so dedicated and focused. When I was in high school I used to play just about every sport there was, plus worked hard on the farm! What I did not catch on when I moved to the city was that I still needed physical acitivity. For years I had the impression, I worked today and was on my feet all day and I am tired, that is my exercise. Slowly ever so slowly it just kept coming on....and slowly, slowly it is going to come off. Today is a day of rest for me. Sometimes when I overdo it, then I have about 2-3 days where I am pretty limited, always have to be near a chair, and on these days use a cane if I am outside or have an appointment to go to. On these days I still stay focused on the positive things, that I can eat right, drink my water, and just be so that I have better days ahead. Some people look at all this rest and think I am lazy. It is the cataplexy which is a condition of Narcolepsy. Somedays I can hardly put my foot in front of the other. So my thought for the day is to always everyday do what we can! Be there to support one another! Don't let the low days make less of the high days. Today can still be my best day except in might be in slow motion, but I do this so I am ready for the next bit of energy that comes along. Eat well today, make some great choices. I am thinking about you all dealing with your own struggles, Struggles are what makes us stronger and more determined than ever! our goals concerning our healthy lifestyle are there for us to grasp on in order to live our best life. Sometimes we have to listen to our bodies. Today I have heard the message loud and clear. So I will be drinking lots of water, read a book, finish my drawing project and shining my shoes for tomorrow when I can get back to the task at hand. Until tomorrow.


  1. Listen to your body - it can tell you what your mind is really thinking!

  2. Cinner, I like your attitude. Our bodies do need to rest. Mentally and physically. I want to read some today too. What are you drawing, if I may ask?

  3. Hi Cinner-

    I like how you know that even though you need to respect/honor your need to rest your body you can still do all the other aspects of your commitment to health. I am drinking water and I went for my walk and did my other routine for muscle tone and strength. I feel empowered.

    Love to you

  4. How wise you are my friend, our bodies will always tell us what it needs even requires, be it food, water or rest....always listen.
    Have a calming peaceful day......:-) Hugs

  5. Berni, I definately needed some rest, it was a quiet rainy day. You asked me to show a drawing. soon I will Bernie, I have shown some paintings before, I don't know if you have seen those...hopeful soon I am going to start posting some. Take care.

    Gail, I am glad your feeling empowered. I am glad you were able to get back at it. I thought you still might be too tired from your outing the other day. so great job.

    Missy M, I like your attitude too. Rest was sure necessary for me. My drawing is for someone I met in blogland, it is a whole series of drawings all about her blog and her journey. Theres a story behind it. I will tell you one day. I don't want to say more. I don't want to spoil the surprise. But I do alot of pen and ink, really starting to work with pastels, i find easier to do shading! Take care, keep up the good work listening to your body. thanks for popping by.

  6. Anne, I have been , today was a much needed slow day for me! take care, be well, hey I loved you in the tunnel!

  7. Your blog is such an inspiration to me! I have to shift weight and these days I just can't be bothered to try. But by reading your blog you made me more determined to start treating myself and my body better. For that I'd like to say a big THANK YOU!


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