Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's A little Cake

Well I have to be honest, I have not done well for two days, why well lets blame my houseguests, no I am kidding, why is it so easily to fall into our old ways, cake, ice cream, etc, when in reality I had a fridge full of fruits and vegetables! so they left and well once again I am back on track. I don't want this to be a blog about my I am letting it go and just keep going. Summer is over, no more cake! That's all I have for today, I am played out from my visit. The above cake is actually made out of towels, toilet paper and ribbons! Won't be too tasty so it should be safe today. Take care, keeep your chin up and I will keep all four of mine up as well. lol. Have a great day.


  1. Hi Cinner-

    Towels-toilet paper and ribbons? Amazing!! And ya, not so tasty though.
    And if I may, try and remove the word failure from your vocabulary and change it to -"not yet success"......
    Love Gail

  2. cinner I have been having a bad week as well, pizza, ice cream and doughnuts.....I have been doing my work out but I just have to be more disciplined, it's so hard when I enjoy food as much as I do......:-) hugs

  3. You have to have fun or you won't keep doing the work. So look at it like that and the good news is you're looking forward to getting back to a better routine.

    You couldn't have said that a month ago!

  4. Hang in there...... I know it's hard.
    And the "cake" is darling!

  5. the cake is so cute! hard to imagine it is not "real"; looks scrumptious to eat!

    as one who has fought her weight (and it wins a lot), I have come to learn that it is not the 1-2 days or even the week of eating unhealthy that got me into the position I'm in, but it is the continual overeating and eating unhealthy that packed those pesky 35-50 pounds on, so forgive yourself for not making the best of choices when you had company like you did; and do exactly what you did, get back on track today. We are always going to have those events where we will want to overeat or enjoy something, but the key is to make it just for that day and not a lifestyle :)


  6. Something about having your cake...eating it, too.

  7. Anne, I know! Water, water, water.

    Betty, welcome over here too, excited to have you here. And your words of wisdon. Thankyou for reminding me yes. lifestyle! Take care.

    Joanna, thanks, I made that cake for a couple of showers! It turned out quite well. Both ladies loved it. Hope you are well.

    Holly thanks your right a month ago and before, i was really into I don't give a hoot attitude...said the wise old owl.

    Bernie, congrats on going back to curves. When I read you were at tims I thought, ice cappucino, doughnuts....I know exactly what you mean girlfriend! Big Hug.

  8. Gail, no failures, just not yet success. I like that! Thanks for your kind words. I am probably too hard on myself. My best friend would laugh if she read this. She would say...You are. Big Hug Gail, I hope your day is well.

  9. I have fought weight gain most of my life and I still fight it. It does not get easier. But you are right. When there are people around, you cook more things that you would not normally cook and have access to more foods you should not have. I am in the boonies and we have no curves around here but I am thinking of joining weight watchers on line again. Just keep trying. You will succeed...


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