Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great, So SO & BAD

Okay so how did I do? Let me just say it was not as good as I should have, but better than before. Now did I figure out why, a little stressed about my company coming...not a good enough reason...but I know that is why , I just had to get things done, had a quick grab the wrong easy food. So in the ams after my company leaves I have to get my meals ready for the whole day so I can keep doing what is working. We did walk the dogs today, they were pleases as punch that I actually could go a little further than before. So I do know I am going in the right direction. Last week I had a pair of Capris I could not wear, and on Friday they fit me. So I had lost about an inch and a half on my waist just in a week. Note to self...get it together with the water. I carry one around with me all day. Very seldom do I drink from it. No logic there. I will try to post over the next couple of days. I have company from out of town, so very excited about their visit. I know better than to make the wrong choices. And it is not a free for all just because I have company right! All I can do is my best and water,water,water. I hope you are all well and doing great in any of your lifestyle changes or goals.


  1. Funny about KNOWING better vs DOING better.
    Why keep doing what we KNOW is wrong?
    If we knew that, we would know everything.

  2. True enoiugh Anne, I am gonna be a very good girl today, really, really Anne. It is a new day,

  3. So this week showed no loss for me, but I didn't gain, either. So a wash? Perhaps. But, I didn't gain. Have fun with your friends first, the rest is secondary.

  4. Hi Cinner-

    Enjoy your company. And try and remember you are right where you are suppose to be along your life's journey.

    Love Gail

  5. Hi Cinner, so glad you changed the clowns...don't ask! Okay so you are still moving forward and I think that is wonderful. Enjoy your company Cinner, so nice to have your friend with you.....:-) Hugs

  6. Bernie, I thought the one clown was a little freaky looking and you know what they needed big red noses, anyway no more clowns for me. Lately I want a horse, this is going to be as close as I get.

    Gail, thanks and yes I know where I am supposed to be is right here. I did read alot on your blog. I am amazed by your story and how strong you are my dear. I am sure you inspire others just like myself. Hope you are feeling well.

    Holly I think we will have these lull periods, so good for you for not going up. I did not step on the scale, At the end of the month I will though. Take care, have a great day. Thanks for being you.

  7. Yeah on the capri pants fitting! Woo-hoo!

  8. Hi Cinner, pretty new blog to go with the almost new you...right? It's not easy as we get older, that is for sure!! ~xo~Janet

  9. Cinner you are doing great with that change of lifestyle objective, sometimes it's hard but after sometime you will get used to it and also you will think you achieved something extraordinary.

  10. Janet, no it is not as easy as when I was a wee youngster. lol.

    rafael, thats what I need to feel like I have done something extaordinary.

    Joanna, yes I was thrilled, after a visit with my friend, not so thrilled, we ate too much. oh well heres to a new day.

    Take care all.


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