Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Better Days!

It's a New Day, I Shall Be Ever So Good! Until September 1, Weigh In. Be well!


  1. I have confidence that you can do this!


  2. Thanks Kamann and Betty. I am up early and can tell it will be a day filled with energy. So I will pace myself and make the most of my day. Have a wonderful day. Live well.

  3. We can do this. We can do. We can. WE!

  4. Hi Cinner-

    You are "good" regardless. :-)

    Love Gail

  5. Nice picture. The blog background is also cooler, this is because I have a bad reputation with clowns. haha

  6. You go girlfriend.....Good Luck....:-) Hugs

  7. Holly, yes WE can! good luck my friend.

    Gail, oh I know I am good regardless, just want energy...LOL If you know where I can find that let me know. Take care. c

    Rafael, I thought the clowns were kinda scary looking, also you are the second one to tell me, they did not like the clowns..I put them there thinking I would try and make it if I were at the circus...I would rather be riding a horse. Take care.

    Thanks Bernie. Take care. Big Hug, c

  8. For your weigh in - is it measured in stones?

  9. Joanna, Thankyou so much. I need as much support as I can get...maybe even a wonder bra. lol.
    Anne, ha ha, I will be just a stones throw away from the scale. LOL
    Take care my wonderful ladies. See you on Monday!


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