Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Doors!

Life is all about choices, which door to go through, what path to take, what happens if you go through the wrong door, but wow if you choose the right one. Right now I am choosing the door for a better lifestyle, so I have more energy. So I can either make healthy choices or not. I am the one with the power! This is one of my favorite pictures. It reminds me of life and choices, and changes, of goodbyes and hellos. You have to see the beauty in all things and in ourselves. I hope you and I make the right choices today! Have a great Sunday.


  1. Cinnear, I have a key holder by my front door, I purchased it in Ireland last year and it has 3 doors on it, all different colors. The story goes that the brightly painted yet different colors were so that the husbands could find thier way home after a pint (using the colors)
    I will post a picture of it, I like your story better as we all make our own choices about one thing or another and only we can make them, no one can do this for us. Keep going my friend, make your right choices and be well. Have a wonderful day.....;-) Hugs

  2. Cinner...this was the picture that started it all for me. I will always think of you and this picture with fondness.

  3. Hey, Cinner, that photo looks like Dagenham here in England, the houses are basically the same but the doors have different colours.

  4. Bernie, that is a great story. Makes some sense too. Today I made the right choices.Take care.

    Holly, thankyou. you will always be the Queen of the Unierse.Have a good night.

    Rafael. I love old buildings, statues, etc. Someday I would love to get to England...maybe someday. Take care.


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