Friday, August 14, 2009

The Importance of Exercise!

So I promised a friend of mine yesterday that before I get on the computer in the morning I would do some exercise. Yipee I did, I would like to imform you that the above picture is not of me, I have an ankle bigger than that. I did find the picture on the web I believe so do not want to take credit for it. I would also like to know how they can make it look so graceful and easy! Anyway I did about 25 minutes of exercising and both my dogs came and sat in fromt of mean with their inquisitive eyes wondering, I am sure thinking, hey whats this, she never did this before! Anyway they got bored with it pretty quick when they realized that there were no treats involved. So I feel good, I have James Brown running around in my head! And I am drinking my water. Thanks Holly for getting me started with this. I greatly appreciate your help, and love our little support system. Until tommorrow.


  1. I followed you over from Holly's blog...I have to say I love your header!!!! If I tried to do that exercise pose I'd tip over and become horribly entangled & downright stuck!
    Good luck with your exercise regime......I hate exercise too!

  2. Hi Joyce, nice to have you visit, I have to laugh at your description, I really could not have said it better!. lol. Have a great weekend, I hope you got a chance to check out my other blog. I will be by sometime this weekend to have a visit.

  3. Ankles bigger LOLLLLLLLL

    Oh, Cinner you and I will beat this demon yet!

  4. Yes we will Holly, I am off to at least the right start. We will do this, we do everything else in our lives right.

  5. Cinnear, you are such an inspiration to me, and you are doing it with grace an humor. I too hated exercis, I would use any excuse to justify why I counldn't do it but when it became absolutely necessary for my health I began, I'm sure there are still skid marks on the streets as I made my way to Curves on the first day.....but now it has become a habit and I feel sluggish when I miss even one day, I can't believe I am even able to say that I am even enjoying my time at exercise class. The half hour zooms by and I feel so much better for doing it. Now water has never been a problem, I drink tons of it every day always have, I even take a glass to bed with me to sip on or drink through the night.....Hang in there cinnear, the life style changes you are working on now and will eventually adapt will not only make you healthier but give you a lot more time on earth with your wonderful husband. Sorry to rattle on, I am just so proud of you.........:-) Hugs


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