Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quit Clowning Around!

I really do have to Quit clowning Around, I know I am doing okay, but not super good like I could if I was going great guns at it. It seems like I am going to have to schedule in some time for exercise for first thing in the am. What I am finding is that I can get on here and easily lose a few hours of my day, if not more, Usually after a couple of hours I need to lay down because of my headaches as well as some of the side effects of the Cataplexy. So realisticlly it just will not get done if I don't do it in the am. So I have decided when I get up in the am tommorrow, first thing for me is to do my Tai Chi., it limbers me up, is not too hard on my knees. Looks simple enough, but yet you do still get a good workout from it. Now I am not graceful like others that I have seen doing it...... I used to go to the park and there was a group that would do it outdoors, I would watch from one of the picnic tables and really just marvel at how graceful they were. It was as if time was standing still and I was just drawn to them, all syncronized in thier motions, breathing, bending, lunging, Out with the Old Chi, In With the New. Tai Chi also has a very calming effect. So that is my new goal in the am, I am going to weigh myself on the 15th to see if this has been working on not! So just like in a Circus, I am really trying to get my act together and decided if I was going to do this, I may as well have fun with my blog about it, thus the reason I changed to the clowns. The clowns I like are Usually Much Happier,,so I hope the first one does not scare you. Lord Love A duck, now I have that circus tune buzzing around in my head, da,da,da,da,da. Every afternoon at 4 o'clock the ice cream truck goes by, it reminds me of the circus too. I wonder how much money they make per day!..I Will never know as I would probably eat the profits....that was the old me....! Be gone with you,Chocolate Ice Cream! Welcome Water and more Water. ..all kidding aside my legs have not been swollen since I started drinking my eight glasses a day. Take Care, Be Well to Yourself.


  1. Hi Cinner, what a great attitude you have. I know you are doing the best you can and it is very hard to be disciplined all the time. Good Luck to you and don't be discouraged by any number on a scale.....:-) Hugs

  2. Thankyou Bernie, I really am the right weigh if I were 8 feet tall, I just remind myself it took years to put this weight on, so I can't expect it to be gone overnight. Thankyou for your kind words.Have a great day.

  3. Hmm, maybe what you and I should do is make a deal to exercise first thing with the notion that we can reward ourselves with our blog visits after?!

    What do you think?

  4. Sounds good Holly, I find that is the first thing I do in the am, such as today and I am catching up on quite a few blogs and now it is about three hours I have been on here. sssshhh, don't tell my husband. Ok lets try it tomorrow and see how it goes. Great idea. Take care my friend.


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