Monday, August 31, 2009

Higher Than A Kite!

Today was weigh in and I have to say I am flying high! I am down 15 pounds, so this is a good slow process for me, Years ago I could drop 20 lbs in a hurry, but gain it all back just as fast. I am planning on keeping this off, so thankyou everyone for all your feedback on the blog. You guys kept me going from day to day, forward and encouraging me as I go through this lifestyle change! I have just the best people in my life. Today is a very great day. I feel good, like I know that I should now! Let's see what results this month will bring.


  1. I am also flying high... euphoric - must be the ketones...
    don't compare yourself to those fast rabbits flying by...we'll just keep in the tortoise lane together... happily and slowly pluggin' along!

  2. Cinner, you and I have lost the exact same, but as I said, you've done it so much faster than I have...I'll be like Anne and be the tortoise, but in comparison to me, you're like the hare! Congrats, Sister!

  3. Holly,and Anne the bigger you are the quicker you usually lose to start, but I am staying in the tortoise lane with my two girls, You and Anne, because slow is best. 15 lbs and all this water feels easier for too my two inspirations, Thankyou,

  4. Congrats Cinner, you should be flying high. What your doing is hard but in time and with a good group of friends by your side giving you the encouragement you need it will be like a walk in the park. Keep flying and always remember your not alone out there.


  5. HI CINNER -

    I feel good with and for yu!! Alleluia!! :-)

    Love Gail

  6. Congratulations Cinner, I am so happy for you. Please don't hate me for this but I only have to loose 12 pounds to be at my goal weight and I am having a terrible time trying to loose it. I have to loose it as I am a diabetic and I have arthritis so my body cannot handle extra weight.....I keep reading your blog for encouragement, and after your post I am going to try harder... well done done my friend........:-) Hugs

  7. WTG on the weight loss!! that is awesome!!!! I have confidence that you won't "find" them again and those 15 pounds are gone for GOOD!!

    just keep staying on your plan; it seems like it is working just fine!


  8. Well done! Next week F and I will start this by going to a group together. I think support is so vital!

  9. Thanks Betty, Now I feel like I want to keep going. Thankyou my friend for the wtg.

    Bernie, your 12 pounds is as necessary to you as my 100 plus pounds are to me. I have a friend whom is very tiny and she exercises all the time. I used to tell her I had an ankle bigger than her. But you know she said she would just not feel as good at a certain weight. We all struggle and it is exactly the same. Mine will just take longer to lose so you go girl, I know you can do it!. I can tell your a little firecracker! big hug.

    Thanks Gail, I feel good about it, although wow today I am so tired, I thiink its naptime.

    J.B. Thanks for following my second blog. I appreciate your support, now I have to say this you should be a comedian, I really had a good laugh last time I visited. Take care my friend.

  10. That's great, I'm also flying high playing football.

  11. Thanks Rose, the support is awesome, I am so glad you joined my blogs. The more the merrier.
    Good luck to you. Nice to have you on board.

  12. Rafael, is it football or soccer. I have a newphew that played soccor for years out by vancouver...If your playihg Canadian football, its different. WHEN a friend of mine talks about football in England it is like our soccer. Your young , so you must be fast, Best part is to have fun

  13. Yayayay GREAT job aunt cindy! keep up the great work i knew you could do it. Im glad everything is going in the right direction. Water water water.

  14. You are a darlin my precious niece and yes water, water,water, Love you, c

  15. WOO-HOO!!!! Congratulations! You ROCK!

    I'm so glad I finally had time to catch up today and read your posts from this past week! I am thrilled for you!!!!

    I'm going to celebrate with a mug of WATER!



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