Monday, August 31, 2009

One More Day

Tuesday is weigh in and I am quite excited about it as I think the results will be good. What I have noticed is my legs are not as swollen, my clothes are fitting a little looser and I don't look so puffy. Some of it is from my medications but lets face reality, it was not my medications that caused me to get to this point, they may have been a factor. So I think I have done pretty well this month, I will let you know the results on Tuesday. I see my doctor tomorrow and he was going to try and get me in to a program for weight loss where you see a nutritionist and I think they even have an exercise program. He said there might be quite a wait for this, but here is believing it will not be too long. I am already scared about going, because I would be by myself and I worry about having any cataplexy spells...but I can not just stay in my house, so as hard as it will be for me, I will do it, at least try it. I will have to take the bus to and from because it is 3 times a week, I might be played out by the time I get there, then I figure if I am well at least I am at a hospital right! I will never drive again, so I have decided to sell my car, it has taken me six years for that decision. How is that for procrastination. Actually this is good because I am not wishing anymore for who I was previously, but am now living in the now. Today is My Very Best Day!


  1. Wow! You kind and gentle woman. Your best day!
    I am very glad for you Cinner.

  2. I hope you are able to get into the program your doctor wants for you. You have a wonderful attitude. My thoughts are with you.

  3. Hi Cinner-
    I truly admire your sweet surrender to your truth as you move forward to new and exciting challenges and life changes. I identify with much of your process as it is mine as well as I accept my limits and celebrate my freedoms.
    Love to you

  4. Yay! Here's to just doing it. Stepping out of our comfort zone and just doing the hard work of doing it!

  5. Oh Cinner, how good it is that you are accepting yourself as you are and by selling your car is another step of moving forward.
    I do hope your doctor manages to get you into that will meet people who have their own challenges and will be able to share how each of you overcome all that you deal with. May each day be your best day.....Hugs

  6. hoping for a good weigh in. I like that program with the nutritionist/exercise; hoping you can get into that

    wise decision to make to sell the car and even wiser that you are acceptant of the now and living your life to the fullest as you can


  7. Betty, thankyou, I feel relieved about making the decision to sell my car. It is facing reality and you know what I like it!

    Bernie, I am hoping too, I just don't know how long of a wait, so with me starting in the meantime, it should all be good.

    Holly girl , how are you doing sister?

    Gail, I know you can so relate to me, that's why I love getting your comments, sometimes I feel like we live in each others shoes.

    Diane, thankyou for stopping by, I appreciate your kind words.

    Anne, I am only as good as the people I surround myself with. Glad I know you.


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