Thursday, August 27, 2009

No More Pop

Well today it was a hot day and my legs swelled up and I thought, why they have not hurt for almost 3 weeks. The lights went on and you know what no more pop for me. Back to water again. So no more fun and games mr. pop your outa here...and no I did not drink it! Have a great day and a fabulous weekend.

ok cinner water, water, water, out with the pop, in with the water. It will take one day and I will feel better. I will get this, it is just not yet a sucess. Soon, today!


  1. cinner, blogger won't let me comment on your other blog....I have tried several times. So I will say here, I hope you have a wonderful anniversary....not a quiet what you did the day you were married, make a new memory to add to the one 10 years ago. I will be thinking of you and wishing you the best anniversary ever.......Hugs

  2. Thanks Bernie, it seems I cant go on some of my favorite blogs...quite a few people are having trouble. Next week I am going to see if I have to download firefox...not sure about it all. we will get it figured out. Yes I am sure we will.Thanks again, c

  3. I can live without pop but I just can't be bothered to stop and start drinking water, like my mum, she only drinks water.

  4. Yeah, that rally did it for me, too.
    Back to water.


    Oh yes, "Just not yet success". :-)

    and I gave up "pop" years ago - and I really cannot tolerate the taste of the sugary flavors and even worse to me are the diet sodas. So yes, water-water-water. :-)
    Love Gail

  6. Cinner, I'm with you on the soda thing...but I've found if I flavor the water I like drinking it as much as I like soda. Perhaps more. They make these cool little individual flavor packets. One's blueberry and the other I like is peach. Very nice.

  7. I've always been a big water drinker, but I do like one diet coke or diet pepsi in the afternoon around 3 o'clock; I think its my caffeine fix

    good luck with the water! easiest thing is just not bring the sodas into the house; I have to do that with chocolate; can't let it in or it keeps calling to me

    enjoy the day


  8. I really missed soda pop when I cut out caffeine. But one thing that helped... I make a big pitcher of ice water in the morning with a lemon sliced and about 10 thinner slices of cucumber! (Just drop them inthe water, don't squeeze) In about an hour it's "flavored" and really refreshing, like the stuff they give you after a massage at those fancy spas. It helps keep me away from the soda and not feeling so "water-logged" by the need of the day. Hang in there!

  9. Thanks Joanna, I am going to go make me a jug as soon as I am off here. Thanks for your help!

    Betty, yes no more coming in here, we bought because we were having company but then poof right back to my old ways.

    holly I will have to try them, where do you get them and is there a brand? Do well my friend. Take care.

    Gail, not yet successes. where oh where did I get that from...thanks for being an inspiration. big hug.

    Anne, yes....water, water, water, how I love water.

    Rafael, your young and active so enjoy, but for this ole gal its water time. take care my young friend.


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