Monday, April 8, 2013

I am signing my name on the X, making myself a promise.

Hello Everyone, 
It seems I have been gone so long.
I was able to do a bit of visiting
with family this Spring,
and it seemed to get me out of the slump
I was in after I lost my dog Kula 
last winter.
Hubby just had a week off and we
spent it at home doing some painting,
getting our yearly physicals done,
which has brought me back to my blog.
My 50th birthday is approaching this fall
and well my health is starting to scare me.
Year after year the weight continues to climb
for no other reason than I am not constant
in my battle, So once again I say the words in my mind.
Cindy Get Up off your Butt
and get moving and Get
Living the Life that I want to.
I want to be able to walk without feeling exhausted,
I want to roll over in bed without it feeling like a workout.
I want better circulation and I don't want the huffing and puffing
as I walk up the stairs.
So once again I make a committment to myself.
I am going and looking forward,
I will make progress every day because I am worth it.
I am happy and have a great and loving man in my life.
I do know that with my illness I have to work extra hard
to get me back into shape.
I believe I am beautiful, I dress and care for myself,
My goal is healthy and to do this,
something I have wanted most of my life.
I hope you come along for the ride,
Moving forward, changing my lifestyle,
Realizing my worth!


  1. I am with you....I hear you too! It is not easy..but just take little steps each day and let it increase naturally. If you can do 10 that for one week then got to 15, etc. etc.
    Before you know it you will be well on your way.
    That is how I started and you have to remind yourself everyday!
    You have my prayers.

  2. Thanks SueAnn, your a sweetheart. are you still walking every day. I got one of those rollators this winter and it sure helps me be able to move around and get some exercise. I do have to keep my focus for sure. sending you a big hug .

  3. Healthy is much more important, Cindy...and I am pulling for you as your work toward your goal of becoming more healthy. You can do this, and we can all help each other as we seek to stick with our goals to maintain/increase our healthiness.
    Love you, and am here for you.
    You go girl!!

  4. Welcome back! The road to good health is long, but, you can do it. You are worth your efforts.

  5. Hi love - you are a beautiful and inspiring spirit. Be ever so kind to yourself and each day breathe and move and "live"
    Love Gail

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