Monday, March 19, 2012

I Would Rather It Say She Slipped on a Banana Peel!

Usually I like to be pretty positive,
the other day started like any other,
Up early, morning coffee, some blogging,
then time for a lovely morning shower.
A while back I realized I needed one of those shower chairs
and a while back I told you how it had a slight crack in it
and had pinched my derriere in the shower,
no skin off my butt,
except actually there was,
now the battle of the shower chair continues
and it kicked more than my butt this time.
It kicked my whole body!
The battle in the shower also
affected my drawing skills too.
Like I said just brutal.
And this is what remains of the chair.
But meanwhile back in the shower,
I went down with my feet stuck in the air,
my head sort of on the back of the tub,
my stomach was probably up over the tub,
the girls were darn near smothering me,
and somehow I managed to tear my hamstring.
So if you thought I probably got up gracefully,
I would have to say I think not, okay I know not!
And as if that was not bad enough,
I had cold water pouring down on me
because I had a cataplexy spell
due to being startled when it broke,
so I don't know how long I lay there.
The good news
I did manage to get up
and get warm.
Since my adventure I have not been getting around the best.
My leg is really sore and I am amazed at the
ridiculous situations I get myself into.
Now I am going to call the 
supplier about the chair,
what are the odds this story goes over well.
That chair was supposed to help me,
it darned near killed me.
Imagine that on your tombstone,
broke chair alone in shower.
I think I would rather have it say
slipped on banana peel.
So how have you been?
I know I am blessed and on the mend,
and lucky me I see the humor in these situations,
but hubby has to be careful when he comes
home from work,
because when he asks
'How was your day?"
well he just never knows what he will hear.
Have a great week,
Be your best,


  1. Oh My....that had to hurt. I think there would have been a lot of comments at your funeral LOL. I am glad you wasn't hurt to badly. I love that you are able to turn this to humor.

    1. Dee even though I hurt, I do find the humor in most things. Today I called about warranty on the chair, the lady said were you using it in a tub or a shower stall. I said the tub and she said well that is the problem it is designed for a shower stall, she said she would call me call as of yet. I just had to shake my head....of course you can use them in the tub....ahhhh! my leg does feel a lot better today. take care my friend.

  2. Oh my goodness glory girl, bless your heart!!! Ya got the chair in a whole different way.

    I sure hope ya got yourself a new 'safe' shower chair. We don't need any more of this now...ya hear???

    Sendin' healin' hugs and prayers your way sweetie, take care.

    God bless and have a great week.

    Feel better!

    1. Still working on getting the chair replaced on warranty. I had a conversation that was hilarious, a woman wanting to know if I was using it in the tub or in a shower....a long story will let you know how I make out. ha yes I got the chair in a whole different way. that was funny. take care and be well. hugs.

  3. HELLO LOVE - oh my God! You poor thing - this is horrid, I feel SO badly for you. Such a scare and such possibilities for more harm. I guess I will sit ever- so carefully on my shower chair - God!

    I hope it is OK that I did give a little chuckle when I envisioned you feet in the air, boobs in your throat naked in the tub - but only for a quick moment, I swear!
    I will be praying for your full recovery and a new and better chair. Mine has a bar to hold on to.
    Love you

    1. Gail of course it is okay you had a laugh, I had a laugh too, funny thing is when I hurt I am one of these people that laugh and silly is that. so of course the laughter just triggers more cataplexy. anyway I am working on getting a new chair. love you sweet friend. hugs.

  4. Oh dear...that truly could have been serious. Yikes! Sorry this happened and that chair should not have done that!!!
    Take it easy this week and I am so glad you are okay.

    1. I agree SueAnn, it should not have done it. They are supposed to be there for safety....Anyway I phoned the company today,,,,someone was to call me back....nothing, nadda, no cigar...I will be calling them. it is a little annoying. hugs to you, thanks for all your kindmess. hugs.

  5. I LOVE YOU, CIN!!! I'm so glad you're okay, and your sense of humor makes me ~smile~!!!!!!

    1. Me too. I am glad you had a smile, I really do have a good sense of really is what makes my life
      a happy one...I wanted to be a comedian but with Cataplexy that is definately out. have a great week. keep smiling.


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