Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just Saying, Sometime You May Have to Run!

A picture taken in Victoria, B.C.
so tranquil, peaceful, beautiful.
I have been walking in the mornings
and I swear the area is inundated by dogs.
Almost every house in our area has dogs,
and I might add the odd one would sooner have you for breakfast
rather than to let you pass in what is considered his territory.
I was thinking this morning how peaceful it used to be
when I lived in the country and could go on walks,
where just maybe if you were lucky
you might encounter a deer.
So I continue to walk and take my life in my own hands.
I figure if I get chomped in the gl ass,
well just maybe I might lose some weight.
just saying,
and there is nothing like a feisty Rotti
running at you to really make you accelerate in the morning.
I try to show no fear, but I think the look of terror on my face
is enough of a giveaway.
It is not just the big dogs to be fearful of either,
the little ones are the worse nipping at your heels,
cursing at you as they go by.
My two laid back dogs looking at me as if they are saying,
What the heck was that.
So when we can we go off to the dog park,
there is something about dogs being off leash,
and it is a wonderful way to meet new people.
I have to go with my SIL
because I can not drive since I got Cataplexy.
My best friend has come for a visit
and is staying a few days...
She is the one whom hit a moose last year
and totaled her car.
She is now driving a Canary Yellow Bug
that she named Otis. we went for a drive last night
and I loved it. We sat up quite late and talked
about everything and anything, the funny thing
was how she taught herself to learn how to drive a standard.
Please watch next week for a giveaway on my other blog,
which is listed on the sidebar.
I won't be around the rest of the week,
hopefully I am out with my friend or you
can picture me on my morning walks
being chased by  dogs.
There is nothing like a brisk walk in the morning,
a dog running at you with teeth bared,
getting closer and closer,
louder and louder,
the chain that he is dragging behind him leaving ridges in the grass,
I yell go lay down, they usually do. Thank the Lord above.
Be well my friends, I hope you are all having a great week
and that you are feeling beautiful, positive and loved.
Until next time!


  1. Carry a stick when you walk . I love dogs, but if they are aggressive, I'll whack smartly on the head.

  2. I definitely carry a cane on my walk just in case!! Not only can there be some dogs...coyotes as well!! Yikes!!
    But I love my walks and mostly it is peaceful. Hope you get yours back!!
    Hugging you

  3. I too carry and occasionally use my cane on my walks. Dogs are as nutty as people nowadays. Never hurts to be ready to defend your gl ass.
    Happy friend days ahead. I love the name Otis for a car or donkey or whatever. Have fun shared with a friend and well see ya soon.
    XOXO Oma Linda

  4. My littlest daugher was badly chased and frightened by a loose dog as a little girl and is very fearful. We bought her ( from Amazon) a Dog Dazer. Its just a little press-button box that make a very high tone noise that dogs and cats don't like and they leave us alone. It doesn't hurt. It makes her confident to be out around dogs as if one comes too near she presses the button. She doesn't like the term 'Dazer" as it sounds cruel which it isnt. She calls it her Dog Whisperer as its silent to humans.
    Have the lovliest time with your friend

  5. I haven't met a loose dog yet but sure pass a lot who are inside of fences, I would drop dead of a heart attack if one got loose I'm sure. That dog dazer sounds good, we all should have one....:-)Hugs

  6. People should take responsibility for their dogs and keep them on leashes in populated areas. (sigh) A complaint of my own. I live in the country but both of my kids live in Nashville and they always seem to have some dog coming in their yard or running out to them when they walk their own dogs.

    Anyway, have a wonderful week and I hope you enjoy some glorious friend time! Hugs, sweetie.

  7. I hope you are enjoying your week!!

  8. Wow, so valuable suggestions here !
    Have a great week with your friend and Otis !!!
    Big hugs !

  9. Hope your week is great!
    Stay well, Cinner -
    And mind the stray dogs!


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