Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hard work, your kidding me!

Hi Everyone,
This recovery thing, though slow process
has been working out to my benefit....
Hubby is surprised at the amount of work
I usually do around here.
He is pitching in and helping.
He vacummed yesterday on his day off.
I had to go outside as it killed me to watch him.
I caught myself about to say something, and decided go outside,
let him be, appreciate his help, and bite my tongue.
I tend to be more thorough, he was wizzing through the house as
if there were a prize at the other end to get it finished as fast as he could..
He had worked up a sweat and then said, Oh that was hard.
I wanted to say Look after 13 years if you don't know it is hard work,
then your not doing it enough. Anyway this is good for me to give up some
of the control I have in the house.....I am learning it is not as important
as I make it out to be. ....I really do appreciate any help I can get.
Both of us remind the other that we really knew how to get dressed all by 
ourselves before we came into the others life.
Today I am having friends come over so that will be a nice change for me.
I hope you have a great day, are there things your partner does
that drive you crazy or do you find them endearing and one
of the reasons you love them.
Have a great day.
until next time,


  1. HI CINNER - Skipp is way more efficient than me and I am pretty efficient. We are both Virgos, so.....
    ANd CIn? I emailed you and commented on your blog and invited you to come over to see my pictures, you upset with me? Cuz it is not like you to not respond. Wondering, sigh.
    Love you

  2. Gail, no I left a message this morning, we must be missing each other. your room looks wonderful. I will check emails too. sorry, I saw your room and fell in love with Berringer. hugs to you.

  3. You are so dear....please know that most testosterone impaired humans do vacuuming like that. And it is a great place to be when you can say, "oh how nice" and not redo it your way. Good for you.
    As to annoying me with the things he does or doesn't do....only for the past 39 years. Linda

  4. Sometimes the hardest part of housework is letting go the control to others!! Ha!! But any help is I let go!!
    Glad your recovery is going well dear friend

  5. yes endearing and annoying too
    hugs my dear

  6. I don't really find my husband's traits endearing, to be honest. I sometimes think that it is a wife's lot to be unappreciated and underestimated, but then I am a cynic about marriage. I would be just grateful for the help, and make a big huge deal about him helping, accept the less-than-perfect job and hope to get help again someday, but not hold my breath. Again, I'm a cynic. I would like to expect more from a husband, but I have been married three times, and have not seen it.

    At my age, I so want to be happy and have a life that is meaningful. I know that if this is to happen, it will be totally up to me...I am super-codependent and need to detach from my husband. So I am working very hard at letting my husband be who he is, not expect much from him, and let go of my dreams of fulfillment from a relationship. Then when I do have something good happen (which I do from time to time) I can really enjoy it. Again, I don't know how functional this is, but it is what I do!

    I have never been successful in finding fulfillment in marriage; now I look to find it in myself and look at my marriage as "gravy". But too, I've never had what I'd call a "good marriage". I think that those people who have are so blessed! Their comments might be very different from mine.

    Wishing you much love today and always, my dear,


  7. I feel pretty simliar when my kids take over and do some of the work around the house. I have to let go of that control and let them do it their way....I'm glad for you that your hubby wants to help out....take gentle care of you day at a time....getting stronger and stronger. hugs to you.

  8. Well, it's awesome he is helping!!! Have a good weekend and I hope you'll be feeling better soon!!!

  9. Cinner, it took me the first 10 years of our marriage to learn to accept that his idea of cleaning and my own were very different perspectives.;-)

    One day I just stopped going behind him to do things the way I thought were best and soon realized that our home may not always be as clean but I have more free time and he feels good having done "his share." Enjoy your company!

  10. Oh I am going to look up your illness, which sounds obsure -- another member of the NORD disease? (rare disease?) Blessings to you to have such a wonderful attitude...speedy gonzalaz aside, you are lucky to have a husband as helpful...I know I am too, as Excy does so much around here and seldom complains when I am not up to things. I guess my pet peeve is the man loves to talk -- I'm pretty much of a lone wolf and need my space...sometimes he drones on and I find myself spacing out...

  11. I love it when my husband helps but everything he does takes forever!!

    Have a great weekend!
    Seems like you are feeling better!

  12. Caring husband! Lucky you!! :)

    Hope you live happily together forever and forever! :)

  13. Chandrika, thank you, I hope so. Hope you are well. be by to visit soon, hugs to you.

  14. Gayle, I really am feeling much better, once I am all recovered from surgery, hopefully the sky is the limit. hugs.

  15. I wonder Why, you made me laugh when you said your hubby loves to talk, mine talks about sports, sports and I swear I zone out sometimes. I am lucky to have him. he really does do alot and takes great care of me. have a great rest of the weekend. hope you feel better soon.

  16. mina, that is very good advice. I really try to be patient. I will eventually get it. lol. take care my friend. hugs.

  17. Cindy yes I am thrilled he is, he always had. there were 5 boys and a girl in his family. his Mom told me that they all had to help with everything. He really likes to cook, so I am lucky. hope you are having a good weekend. take care.

  18. Sarah, yes the giving up the control is the hard part, he humors me about it. Think of you often hon, glad your girls are able to help you out too. hugs.

  19. Olivia, my Dad very seldom helped my Mom with any of the inside work until he got older. My Mom catered to him, meals on the table at certain times, etc. In my marriage he is my best friend but he struggles with alcoholism. so I can be a little cynical too. This is my second marriage, I have always been very outspoken. It works I guess, but I have noticed some days, oy veh. lol.
    Thanks for your comments I love learning about you. be well my friend.

  20. Carmen those two words seem to come together as a package. have a great rest of the weekend. hugs to you.

  21. SueAnn, I am learning to let go and to not get bent out of shape about it. I always get in such a tither before my Mom comes....He always jokes with her that when she comes to visit it is the only time the house gets clean. Cheeky buggar. hugs to you.

  22. Linda, annoying you for 39 years, that made me laugh. I watched a show on Autism last night, It was about how some children with Autism benefit from having a calm dog. I found it very interesting. Makes me understand a bit more about what you go through. Your a good Oma, hugs to you my dear friend.

  23. Hiya Cinner! I know it's hard sometimes to watch our other half clean the house...sometimes it's like pulling teeth in slow motion...smiles...alas..we love them and so we bite our tongues, turn our heads or close our eyes to keep from saying "seriously? what are u doing?" In the end, it get's done..not like we would do it but done none the less. When my husband decides to clean the bathroom, he uses every household cleaner he can windows cuz he's cleaning the bathroom...yikes...I can't stand the kids and I with our good ole dig Mozart head downstairs while he cleans for 30 blasting and him singing...oh can be a bit much...thank God he only feels the need to deep clean like that between he know's I'm doing it my way...So go ahead and give him a Kiss for effort, smile...and just close your eyes...heehee...Hugs to you and feel better..k..Lovey

  24. Oh I have so been there with my husband! I don't even want to talk about it as I know he tries so hard to be helpful!
    I know that you are grateful to have him with you Cinner and I am happy to hear that you are recovering well.
    I will have to go back over some of your posts as I have been missing in action again!
    Hope you enjoyed your company.
    Love Di ♥

  25. Your husband vacuumed?!?!?! That's impressive. My husband doesn't know where we keep ours :-)

    Keep feeling good!

    xo jj


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