Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another day at the Castle.

So glad my sister and her boys are coming today.
Eating has been off the last few days.
I know better, no excuses.
I looked in the mirror this morning
and I thought sheesh there is another one of my chins.
One that I had lost. So it is a new day to keep going,
keep doing, but just to do it better.
Tired today, thundered and lightning all night last night
again and still raining.
The next three days are supposed to be nice.
So here is hoping, and hoping that you are
having your very best of days.
take care,


  1. HI CINNER -
    nice to get company, enjoy. The weather here has cleared too - phew. Skipp and I are going to a dinner tonight sponsored by 'Active Solutions' - an MS organization. I hope to newtwork a bit, maybe meet someone in my area, It is all so bittersweet. Ya know? I just posted a new post, some of how your blog inspired me is in it - take a look when you can. Meanwhile, enjoy your visit and know how precious you are to me and so many.
    Love you

  2. Hi, Cinner, I hope you have a nice visit and that you can accept and love your extra chin until you lose it. And you will...as long as you don't quit, you're right! I wish you good weather, clear skies, warmth, and fun, xoO

  3. I've found that combination of off eating and lack of good sleep will make me feel tired, too. But I like what you said... about it's a new day. So keep going, keep doing, and do it better. :-)

    Hope you get some good rest, and feel better!

  4. Oh how I wish we had some more rain. Just hot and humid here!!
    Don't worry about your exercises Cinner. You'll get back to them. I have slacked off too but I am going to get up when I'm done here and go for it!! Lets just do it!
    Love Di ♥

  5. I am planning on having one terrific day!! I hope you are too!
    We finally got some rain...yeah!!! We so needed it.
    Been off on my exercise too...been traveling. That definitely throws one off schedule. Hope to get back into it soon!!
    Be well sweetie

  6. they used to tell me for every two steps forward you go one back. I hated that but I think it's probably true. Give moving forward Cindy.....stay strong and your positive attitude is the absolute best. Hugs to you.

  7. one moment at a time ....
    and let it happen
    don't worry
    just little by little, okay?
    and great that you will have company
    hugs! and good wishes to you

  8. Hello my sweet Cinner. I apologize for being away a bit but life was throwing me curves, as will sometimes occur.

    Don't beat yourself up about the eating. Just hop back on that wagon, grab those ropes and show everyone who's boss! Have a wonderful week, sweetie.

  9. Hi Cindy....I hope that you had a great visit with your sister and her two boys.
    As for the 'chins'....well, I've decided that they are mind and I'm proud of them. I've bought clothes that fit me....and I'm enjoying the body I'm in.
    Hugs to you!


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