Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who Am I

We are as beautiful as we can imagine,
We are as loving as we allow ourselves to be.
Some days I wonder who I am.
Some days I just know.
Some days I appreciate everything,
Some days I forget, but not for long.
Some days I stay on course
and some days I come up short.
Every day  brings new joy,
new truths, new learning life experiences,
new hope, and renewed faith.
Dare to dream.
Dare to be your Best!
Dare to be You.
Enjoy your Easter Weekend.
We are truly blessed.
Love one another.


  1. A time of renewal!! I will dare for sure!! Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!!!
    Love and hugs

  2. I love your words today. Everyday is new and it is just like a dance. Dare to dream, that seems to be so true. It does take courage to dream, and faith to see it through.

    Happy Easter to you.


  3. Happy Easter to you, too! A beautiful post. ;)

  4. CINNER- I feel your heartfelt words of hope and truth. I am so inspired by your wealth of wisdom and faith. There was a time when I was so a part of Holy Week in ritual at church - but not anymore. My renewed faith is in nature, and my friendship with Jesus alive and well. There are no leaders or churches built by man but rather the cathedral of earth in all its intention of being born again and again and again Hallelujah!
    Loving you

  5. Lovely thoughts Cinner. I hope you have a beautiful Easter weekend.
    Love Di ♥

  6. Happy Easter to you, too, Cinner!

  7. Hi Cinner! Your words are as beautiful as you are! Thank you. And I love the pic, tulips are my favorite. I hope you have a special Easter!

  8. Happy Easter Cinner, sending big hugs.....:-)

  9. So very beautiful. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  10. Happy Easter to you too. I love Tulips :)

  11. Daring to dream and be my best. It helps when I read your beautiful inspiring words....Happy Easter/Passover Cindy...wishing you the best of the best.

  12. Thinking of you Cinner! Blessings my Friend! Happy Easter!

  13. Happy Easter, Cinner!! I hope you have had a beautiful day. Thanks so much for sharing your memories~it's interesting what we remember, isn't it?
    Sending ((hugs)) your way,

  14. Oh Wow that was beautiful!
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  15. Just found your blog through Janelle. Lovely post. Like your upbeat and real attitude as you move forward to a healthy life. Wonderful animations, too, on your blog. Michele


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