Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He was Chickened Out.

A stir fry with one big onion,
proof that I cooked and proof that it is not chicken.
Hubby phoned on his way home
informing me that he did not want any chicken.
Apparently he has had his fill with leftovers
from our Easter dinner on Sunday, which by the way was lovely.
So I quickly threw a stir fry together
beef,celery,mixed veg, one big onion.
Healthy yes.
I hear at the door, Honey I am home.
There he is with an order of spring rolls,
one lasagna and one donair.
I kid you not, it was like he had won the lottery or had just caught the biggest fish of the day.
He says, I brought supper, I say, I cooked supper.
I swear if  I had a chicken I would have tossed it at him.
No husbands were hurt in the conversation that followed.
I ate mine, which he confirmed looked very healthy.
He ate the lasagna and Spring Rolls and is taking the donair to work
for lunch. How I managed to not taste any of it is beyond me,
Must be the stubborn side of me.
He is watching hockey and I was sitting here smelling the 
lasagna that was calling my name.
I took the air freshener,
Hawaian Flowers and sprayed it in every room of the house.
I usually count to three, tonight yes ten sounds like a good number.
He is saying I think you sprayed too much of this, are you trying to kill me?
Oh did I spray too much I am so sorry. He looks at me, yeah right!
You know I know he meant well,
but if I eat anything unhealthy, it goes straight for the neck area,
and overnight I have another layer of chin.
I would have to change the name of my blog.
I guess we need to figure it out for tomorrow.
Planning is the best thing in this house.
Other than that I was outside today doing some yard work.
I scraped some more snow off the remaining pile in the yard.
The sun was such a treat today, I even dozed for a bit.
I hope all of you are doing well,
I hope you have 
One of your very Best Days.
                                                                            Be Well.


  1. It was a beautiful day wasn't it, I too was out trying to clear my deck of snow (can't believe some of it is still so hard) Let's hope it last but my arthritis is aching pretty bad tonight......good will power on making the right choice for supper.......:-)Hugs


    I will be emailing you later. I received your 'gift of jewels' :-) Oh my I am so happy. (so is my Mom - thanks)

    And what is a donair? ANd you showed much restraint to NOT eat lasagna. I am in awe. Good to be outside these days - we are enjoying some lovely hours in our garden an yard and woods. Navigating with my rollator can be a bit tricky. :-)
    Love to you always

  3. I, too, am wondering what a donair is. Good for you sticking to your healthier meal. I'm afraid I'd have been digging into that lasagna. After all that work you did, he should have put his stuff in the fridge and ate your yummy stir fry!

  4. Gail and Maria, a donair is sliced up meat and onions and cheese on a pita bread...I think it is pressed beef. They are really good. I agree with you Maria he should have ate the stirfry. I am on strike tonight. lol.

  5. Your blog always makes me smile, you have such a positive way even making a smile out of anything less than sparkling. As for the weight gain and your chins...you have my complete sympathy...I think though I ought to change my blog name to Dawn, my 4 tummies and I for thats where my weight goes...round and round my middle. x

  6. You know, when you wish something for a Zombie - (me) that it comes back to you !!!!
    So this might just be one of your very best days ever!!!
    Hope so, Cinner - you deserve greatness!

  7. Well I thought your dinner looked fantastic Cinner! Katie and I have been chickened out this week too. The store had a sale so it's been chicken, and more chicken! You are so funny, I can almost see the look on your face with the air freshener can in hand!
    I am the same when it comes to eating the wrong foods, only mine goes right to my hips and belly. I hate looking pregnant at 53!
    Keep up the good work and glad you had some sunshine. Love Di ♥

  8. Your dinner looks fabulous to me. I know he was trying to be sweet but...well...men. It's all I can say about that subject. ;-)

  9. Now that is one trick I've never tried! And air freshener to drown out the smell of something delicious. I'll be using that one in the future, for sure, Cinner.

    Congrats on sticking to your healthy meal!

    xo jj

  10. Mmmm stir fry, sounds good. Nice restraint not frying pan the husband for bringing home dinner.

  11. Your dinner looks wonderful and I am very proud of you.

  12. Lasagna is a casserole, and casseroles are winter food, and winter anything bleah! I'll take your tasty dish anyday!

  13. ha ha you seriously crack me up Cinner i laughed out loud at the air freshener trick you clever girl i could imagine your face too thanks so much for the giggle


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