Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love Me A Mug Shot!

I Don't know where we got these,
They came in a box of items with my husband.
No the husband was not  in a box,
they were.
Such Weird Little Ones,
that I kind of thought they were cute.
And in the box was this guy.
I am thinking to myself,
are you kidding me.
Well it used to be his Dads and his Mom no longer wanted it in the house,
so Particular Son received this from his Dad,
Well how can you say no to that.
And this guy, something about the facial expression
kind of gives me the willies
but it was a gift from his Mom,
and it used to be his Dads,
so there you go with that one.
This one the same thing, I really do like this one
It just reminds me of a jolly guy.
And oh not one but 3 boxes of baubble heads and trophies.
I think there should be a law that at the age of 58
you donate them to little children,
but apparently big kid husband
will have no part of that.
My Dilema is Where do you put these things
in an 860 square foot house.
I even asked him,
and he replied put them by all those flowers you have everywhere.
So no matter what in life there are things we have to deal with.
Some things you can see, and somethings are hidden in our souls.
somehow we all find the right way, what may work for you, may not work for me,
Compromise, learning and acceptance,
And somehow it all works out
Bauble heads and all.
I hope you have room in your heart for others today.
Do you have any odd things in your house,
I would love to hear about them.
Have a fabulous day.
Take care.,


  1. We had to downsize when we moved from a house to a townhouse. My husband couldn't part with his record (vinyl)collection which sits in a box and he doesn't use or look at, but he still couldn't let them go. There was also a shirt of some sort, but if finally went. Me - books!

  2. My husband came with a set of Bull Horns! And yes I had to have them hung. One day they finally broke. I was sad for my husband but secretly relieved! I am lucky Cinner, my husband has a room that has ALLLLL of that stuff that he brought in his box displayed. And it has a door that I can close! But it's all good, I love him and his strange little knick nacks! Love Di ♥

  3. How about a taxidermy wild turkey? Yep! We have one!! Sigh!! Thankfully we have it in the storage shed now!!! Whew!!
    As for the quirks and unusual items we carry with us, well, we have found loving ways to display them in our hearts!

  4. Compromise ain't easy but is sure is the key ! I have also "given" David a shelf in the office/guest room that is all his. Even if I don't like what it has on it ( a soccer ball trophy, his books stacked any which way, cartoon character "dolls") or how it looks, I can always tell my visitors, "that's David's shelf". My women friends all get it. I do dust it for him too, generous wife that I am. ;)
    Space for it is definitely worth it !
    Happy Tuesday, Lovely One !

  5. Hi love-

    the bauble heads are really scary!!! :-)'

    the only weird, not so weird collection is my rocks from folks travels. I have your too that you sent me :-) and one that is from a quarry and is over 5000, yes five thousand years old. SKipp went to have the oil changed in my car and then we are going to watch a movie and make a fun pasta dish and drink red wine. "YAY"
    Love you

  6. lovely poetry.

    Happy Belated Valentine's Day.

    Thanks for visiting me.

  7. Hee hee - I actually think the creepy one with the dog is my favorite!

  8. I must admit that I love the mugs. Any woman knows you speak the truth, particularly when it comes to our men's beloved decorations. Compromise indeed! ;-)


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