Friday, October 29, 2010

Others Stories Can Be So Beneficial.

Good afternoon Everyone,
Man I am running late today.
I have more energy today than I have had probably in two years.
I had one of the best sleeps I have ever had.
For someone whom has a Serious Sleep Disorder,
it can be so amazing when this happens.
So I am running late because I have done quite a bit around my house.
Whooo  Hooooo!
Now the trick is to not overdo it.
I have already been on my treadmill for 15 minutes,
that felt so far away a month ago.
My advice to anyone whom has no energy is to walk even two minutes a day for a start.
I started at 2.5 minutes because that was all I could do, and I will keep adding when I can.
I have to Thank my friend SueAnn from SueAnns Journey
She had written that when she first started walking she was
at about the same pace as me, but slowly she kept at it,
and over time she has gotten up to 4.5 miles.
Because of her I can see myself getting out of my house more,
I have hope for the future, and I see the weight going down.
Encouragement is a wonderful thing,
I hope you check out her blog,
she is multi talented, artist, dollmaker,
you will not be sorry, she also has had gastric bypass
and has lost an incredible amount of weight.
She knows how important it is to exercise.
Everyone comments on my blog has been highly motivational for me
and I want you all to know how much I appreciate your comments.
Other good news is I have reached my first 20 pound goal,
very excited by that!
And secondly Mr Hubby brought groceries home last night,
all healthy food, this is a major change for him to make,
it was better than a bouquet of flowers!
For those of you whom celebrate Halloween,
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
and everyone else I wish you a wonderful weekend as well.
Stay positive, Keep your Chin up,
oh I may have to change the name of my blog to 
Me, my 3 chins and I,
but I won't because I want to remember where I started from,
so as not to ever get there again.
Hugs to you all.


  1. How absolutely wonderful. Yay for you and your sweet husband. Isn't it fun to see progress. Have a super weekend friend, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. One does get such a good feeling from doing their best, whatever their best is.

    Smiles to you Cinner!

  3. Oh Cinner this is wonderful news! 20 pounds is a lot to get rid of and certainly NOT easy! You are so inspiring to me! Keep it up! Love Di ♥

  4. I am shouting for joy!!....Why! Because of the motivation you have give ME, Cindy. Absolutely.
    I'm so proud that you are walking....and starting out slowly and building up is THE key.
    I wanted to start running....but wasn't doing well with it. I was using the track at the local elementary school to do my running. I couldn't even make it around once (which is 1/4 of a mile.) She (and she is a fitness expert) told me to do it this way: run the straight...and walk the the other straight...and walk the last curve. I thought,"Hmmm...OK...that sounds like something that I could do." And I did that. I continued doing that until I felt like that I could run just a little bit further...It took me a while to feel like that, but I didn't get discouraged, because I knew that I was doing something that was good for me, and I trusted her judgment....knowing that it would come. And it did. I ended up (it took a lonnng while, Cindy....) but...I ended up running the oval....which, like I said was only 1/4 of a mile...but it was a marathon for me. Then I didn't stop....I would run a little further...slowly increasing...not pushing myself...and I was up to running 2 miles. That was an impossiblity for me when I first started...but with her encouragment that it WOULD work...and my not pushing myself to the point that I gave up...I did it. I see that you have that same mindset. I am sooooooooo proud of you...AND I rejoice at the 20 pound mark!!! You have outdone me...and beyond....and I'm as proud of you as I would be if I had done it. Now!!...I am motivated....and you have done that for me!!!
    Hugs a bunch to you, Cindy!!! Warmest hugs!!!
    If you slip....if you don't lose as much as you would like, don't give it up....keep on keeping on.... :))))))))

  5. Cinner, I am so friggin' proud of you!!!

  6. Unknown Mami, thank you, me too. lol hope you are feeling good.

    Jackie, that is awesome, I like that mindset too.good for you for doing it.I think the trick is finding what works for yourself, I watched a show and because of my Narcolepsy/Cataplexy I kinda felt like sitting in my house going from one room to the next would be my life, and being in my yard. And that was scary for me. Truth be told I am not too concerned about the weight, I know it will fall off with me moving more, which is such a blessing, I am finding I am sleeping better and my back doe not hurt as much. I have set up my own regime realizing that it is all about being consistant every day with it. I am glad you are motivated. I love your pic by the way and am so glad you left this wonderful comment for me. thank you so so much. love you and hope you are well. hugs.

  7. WOW you are doing so it and love you. Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

  8. Diana, thank you so much, it really has been easier for me since I got the treadmill and Wain has been doing great with not sabatoging me with junk food, not that he ever did it on purpose, and I still could have said no, just harder when it is in the house. have a great weekend. hugs my friend.

  9. Wanda, yes it feels good, thank you. still can not believe the size of the toad on your blog.

    Bernie, you too, do you get kids for Halloween or dress up Bernie. hope you are well, and I hope it warms up for us tomorrow. hugs.

  10. Linda, thank you, I hope you have a great Halloween with the kids, will be thinking about you knowing how much you love the holiday, from the old bagge fan. hugs.

  11. Cinner - what a cool picture/collage!
    And way to go on the pounds!
    Energy is good, eh?

  12. HI CINNER_

    I love your mind-set. It is so natural, a way of life and health and hope. I feel your surrender to this bettre way. You have arrived.

    Love to you girl "hey"

  13. I love Sue Ann too, Miss Cinner ! You are such an inspiration for learning to love yourself. Love that you have found an exercise that you are enjoying and that is getting you places ! Yay !
    You go, Wonderful One ! The work you are doing is important for yourself and for all of us watching you go.
    Hugs !

  14. 20 a big accomplishment. I appreciate your encouragement to us with sharing the process. Hugs from Dee

  15. Woo-hoo!!!! This is fantastic news Cinner. Keep up the great job. I'm really proud of you.
    xo jj

  16. That is so wonderful! You are doing so well! Just take a slow steady approach and you will accomplish much!!
    Thank you for the shout out hun!!

  17. 20 pounds is awesome. Yes, I'm going to go back to walking in the morning. To help my body and also get my mind clear.

  18. Shell, good for you, I really think it makes a huge difference. it somehow seems to keep me focused. hope you have been well. hugs.

    SueAnn, I will just keep going slow, I really wanted you to know how your comments have really encouraged me especially when you told me how hard it was for you to walk in the beginning. hugs. hope you are feeling better.

  19. Joanna, thank you for all your support. hugs to you my friend.

  20. Dee, thank you so much, your encouragement really means a lot. hugs to you my friend.

  21. Kim, thank you I sure do have a wonderful support system here. SueAnn is a wonderful woman, her art and her heart thrill me. Hope Davids birthday was a success. take care. will be by to see you.

  22. Gail, I think I have finally arrived too. love to you hey. lol. Hope you are feeling well. will check up on you very soon. hugs.

  23. Anne getting some energy back is a Godsend, missed my sleep in the afternoon, throws my whole system out of wack, so now I have insomnia. So nap tomorrow and then my system should be back on track. did you have a good day off. take care, wishes from Canada.


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