Monday, October 18, 2010

Heres looking at you!

Do you see what I see.?
this old crumbling barn seems to have a story to tell,
a barn with a face, I love it.
It was a picture taken from a vehicle.
I had not even seen the face until later.
It made me think of all the things in life that we sometimes choose to see or not too.
Sometimes the writing is on the wall, sometimes all the words are jumbled,
and I feel like I am playing a game of scrabble,
not knowing how things will turn out or not.
What I know right now is that the work I have been doing with the treadmill
is helping with my energy level, As well as the strength in my legs.
so that is great, I saw my doctor today and we are both thrilled with the last month I have had.
I was emotional eating this evening and I don't like that I did....
the things that can trigger such bad habits.
so do I beat myself up, no I get up in the morning and do what has been working for me,
and I keep my goal in sight, and if I have to go alone with it, I will.
I have a few things to deal with in life right now but I will not give them any
validity to keep me off course of my health.
Back to bed for this little chickadee.
Until tomorrow,


  1. Very Halloweeny ghosty looking barn! You appear to be enoying the treadmill and all the energy your workouts bring to you. Exciting to see!

  2. Triggers can make or break us!
    Sometimes just knowing what they are
    is enough to change them.
    Sometimes, we need to redefine what they mean.
    Cuz we won't ever really avoid them -
    they are as much in our thoughts as they are in our outside world!

  3. You are not alone! I am walking along side of you! Huffing and puffing! Ha! You are doing so well. Extra eating is the old patterns and they sneak back! But don't let that get you down!! Just keep on keeping on!
    Be well dear one!!

  4. Don't beat yourself up or feel disappointed, just keep going and don't give up.

  5. Sweet girl, you are certainly not alone. Triggers get us all. Forgive yourself, dust yourself off and get on down the road. You are so authentic and are an inspiration. Yay for you and us too. Linda The Olde Bagg

  6. "Hey" girl
    Great picture - I love old barns and they do have a story to tell, no doubt. ANd triggers? There are a million today and a million more tomorrow - unavoidable. It is up to each of us how we react.
    Love you

  7. Cinner,
    Congrats on your treadmill work feeling good to you. That is wonderful.

    This photo is so perfect for Halloween!

    Wishing you peace, courage and beauty.

  8. I love old barns. They have such history!

    I'm happy your doctor's appointment went well. I have mine in the morning, and it will be interesting ...

    Good job on the treadmill work! Keep it up!!


  9. beautiful old barn with face ... :-) lovely picture Cindy. we cannot keep perfect all the time ... don't be hard on yourself ... keep your goal in mind and get back to it but take it easy at the same time ... it's all about loving yourself ... hugs!

  10. I love the barn with a face. I think it looks a little surprised that someone finally noticed it.You have the right out look for a successful weight loss. I wish you well.

  11. OOooo Cinner! I thought the barn was a little creepy, perfect timing with Halloween coming up. It is neat to see faces in things that don't really have them. I think you are still doing great with your goals. We all need a little comfort food now and then. The good news is that we can still make up for our slips!! Love Di ♥

  12. I love the barn with a face, I don't know why but I thought of Thomas the train when I first saw it.
    Keep taking care of yourself my friend....:-)Hugs

  13. I laughed when I saw the picture. My kids and I are always seeing buildings and things; with faces that no one else sees. In this's right there. Love it. Cindy...don't be discouraged. Part of winning is falling and then getting back up. Routing for you.....


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