Monday, September 13, 2010

If You See Her.....Run, it is for your own good.

Picture courtesy of Maries Freebies.
Food Morning, I mean Good Morning
Our habits all start when we are children,
be it eating, playing, dressing, likes and dislikes.
When do we ever get past that feeling of being a child,
when I am around my Mom, she wants to cook and bake,
as soon as you are up from one meal, she is planning for the next.
I love her to pieces, somehow I think she still sees me as a little bundle of
blonde and sunshine, I swear the next time I see her I may just have to sit
back and suck my thumb...I asked her Mom, when will you ever think of us
as over eighteen, never you will always be my babies,
now lets figure out what we are going to have for supper.
So I say, well since your daughter is almost 280,
we better have a desert, knowing there will be one,
she says I cook sugar free and low cal and suddenly the whole pie has 
5 calories in the whole thing...oh yes Mom for sure...
She always has salad which is great and she can eat and eat,
and just a little itty bitty thing, and then she will say look at this roll around my tummy,
Just wait Mom, let me go get my glasses so I can see it,
Oh dear God in heaven that has to be about a half an inch,
Then she says what to do to keep yours off,
I plummett to the floor from a Cataplexy spell.
I said, Mom obviously it is not working out, I got a tire factory going on.
What are you talking about she says, Your just fine how you are..
I think to myself the heck with the eating,
if this keeps up much longer I just might have to start
I don't drink because of my medications.,
Then as she has her head stuck in the deepfreeze  I hear,
Hey I made your favorite Pineapple desert, and Sex in the Pan, and those Oh Henry squares,
I said how about some berries off of all the fruit trees, she says not getting my sarcasm at all,
Oh yes we can have some of those after we finish up these others.,
I just put my head down and said,
Dear God please give me strength to make the right choices
without hurting her feelings,
and please turn me back into a 46 year old woman.
I love her to pieces, we laugh a lot together,
No pies were thrown or anyone injured,
I did convince her to take 3 rhubarb pies into the Group home
so they could have desert at coffee time.
I am sure that saved me at least 5 pounds.
She is also planning for my next visit,
maybe in 3 months,
I think she needs to get a hobby
other than to feed her children.
She thinks I need to start baking,
you;;ll love it, she says.
Do you think she is missing the point.
Do you have the same troubles with your mothers,
I am glad I have mine, don't get me wrong,
she must be sipping the sauce or something.
ha she will kill me if she reads this,
so if I disapear you know what happened.
Be ware of ladies trying to feed you every desert known to man kind.
She will tell you they are all made low calorie,
Actually if you see her.....just run.
take care,

Until next time,


  1. I will definitely run!! My mom too! But she always wants to clean my house and put things away!! Like I haven't been keeping house for over 45 years!!! Ha!! And she is always menu planning too. She is always making my favorite! Sigh! Guess I am still 4 years old after all. Gotta love our moms!!
    Take care dear one!

  2. Moms feed kids - that what they do!
    But you are right - it's good to make better choices.

    At the end of the day... the end of another year....
    the end of our lives - there's only room inside for ONE.
    We are the only ones living with the consequences!
    "Just say KNOW!"

  3. LOL Cinner....wonderful post. My Mama was a baker too...cookies, cakes, that I am 49..I really wonder how she did all she did...and bake all of that stuff too!!
    I find myself wanting to bake all winter..feed my kids fun stuff..full of sugar...ackkkkk! I totally get the wanting to treat my kids..even the big ones..especially from now until January...but who gains the meeeeee! Ackkkk. Maybe I need to rethink this....a little bit..more fruit..less sugar!
    I am afraid I have not had anyone bake anything for me in about 25 years..that I would pull up a chair and make tea for her..and have a big ole piece of pie. Hugs sweetie..hang in there! Love ya, Sarah

  4. Cinner that was so funny!! I will have to run as I am trying very hard to shed and not gain. My mom does that when I go home, so I'll need tons of strength this Christmas. LOL

    I completely empathize and understand your plight
    around "feeding time" at your Mom's. I think, maybe, yajust hve to tell her how you feel. Scary as that sounds, you CAN do it. :-) I am in a very different place around food in regards to my Mom I/we are just sohappy her appetrite is returning and I wouild give anything if she had the energy to cook again - and make her yummy lasagna, or meatballs, or blueberry buckle, and on and on..... oh yes. I would pull up a chair and savor some of every item she prepared. I miss going to eat at her house so much. SO as much as your Mom loves through food try and just take a little or pick and choose but savor her love and sharing and her ability to do any of it.
    love you girl
    peace, hope and healing.....

  6. What a GREAT post, Cindy!! I do smile....
    It seems that Moms want us to 'eat'...'eat'....'eat'!
    I have a confession to make to you. I haven't been drinking my water like I did a few months ago....sigh. Hope you will give me some encouragement....I need it. Thank you for your sweet card. You are a dear!

  7. love your blog template,
    heart warming and uplifting!

  8. Your mom reminds me of my grandmother. Gram always
    loved to feed me all my favorites much to my mom's displeasure. Though I think in later years, seeing how plump most of her grandchildren were, she regretted some of the food she cooked and piled up on our plates.

  9. Ha ha I loved that Cinner and yes my mum has her little things to that drive me to despair and yes I love her heaps also. I guess it is what mum's do so do I do the same thing to my girls or am I learning from my mum that when they leave the nest and marry it is time to let go. I even hear myself saying the same things to my girls that drive me to distraction when my mum says them to me arghh!!!! So I say to my girls oops just be nan forget what I just said and we all laugh. I am trying not to carry on the tradition of telling them what to do. But I say again I love my mum.

  10. I think your Mom was trained by my Grandmother! They both had the same attitude about food. If there was a problem, my Grandma would say "lets have a cake"-- The WHOLE cake, and she meant it.

    This was a wonderful post Cinner. xo jj

  11. Lol! Sounds like she's got caught up in a roll - I mean role (!)

  12. Oh Cinner, I found this hysterical! I did have flashbacks of my own mothers, mothering. She didn't do the food thing but in her eyes, I was absolutely perfect and it would drive me nuts!! I couldn't get a decent criticism from her because EVERYTHING I did or had was PERFECT!!!
    Oh well I'm sure I irritate my own kids too. I loved her anyway! Love Di ♥

  13. I think I am like your Mom oh no! I love to cook and feed my kids and their friends! I loved your writing, I laughed when I read it, I did see a little of me in it. So glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours. ~Diane

  14. Diane, thanks for visiting us.I too am glad our paths have crossed. looking forward to getting to know you better. have a great weekend.

    Diana, how many people can say they were perfect in their mothers eyes. that would be the best blessing a child could be...I was told over and over to change and then I would be good enough....we have a much better relationship today than previous. have a great weekend. hugs and love, c

  15. Stoneweaver, she did get stuck in a roll aright. lol. love your sense of humor. have a great weekend. take care.

    Joanna, grandma sounds darling, the whole cake, lord I am just not a baker, but they obviously love it...lots of memories for sure, and stories around all of these things. hugs Joanna. take care/

  16. Kim, it is funny when we hear ourselves say the same things as our parents. the funniest no never mind are a wise woman/ take care,
    hugs to y0u.

  17. Shell your Gran sounds wonderful, but yes she probably did have a few regrets, I don't think my Mom is quite there yet/ one day at a time. hugs, have a great weekend.

  18. I am trying to get back to your comments, have trashed my back and not able to sit or lay for too long. Thank you so for leaving the wonderful comments. I do read everyone.


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