Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Woman, Food and God.

Good day all, I feel I have been so busy this summer,
between my rests, but my rests are paying off,
my cataplexy is much better,
a change has been made in my pills and
Cinner is a happy girl right now,
as I see some hope again,
I always have hope, but to see something actually improving is wonderful.
Note to self, do not overdo it, so as not to have a setback.
I usually jump into things fully, very seldom doing anything half heartedly.
I have decided this, I will never diet again.
I am enough just as I am, and I need to be kinder to myself.
Can you tell I watched Oprah today.
It was very interesting,
all about liking oneself,
that is really the issue,
There is a new book out,
Women, food and God,
info can be found on Oprahs site.
Slowly after some deep soul searching,
some of the walls are coming down,
and imagine how fast they can come down
if I could just be kinder to myself,
I am my own worst enemy
Sometimes I think I am all that and a bag of chips,
and other days I don't want to leave my home,
I have a bit of Agoraphobia,
I think because of issues that have happened with my Cataplexy,
but I really am working on that,
before this I was miss Social Butterfly,
it is amazing how we go through all these different phases in our lives,
and how something little can manifest itself  into a serious issue.
so I like myself, I am enough, I am whole, I am not broken,
I am me and there is only one of me,
So I better be my own best friend.
Why do I rip myself apart,
when in life others have been willing to do that for me,
I am responsible for whom I surround myself with,
True friendship, honest and loving souls,
I am a forgiving person, 
I am moving forward,
and I am not alone.
I think I am going to go buy that book,
it seems to have made an impact on me.
I hope you are all well, and that life has been treating you great.


  1. I guess, slow and steady is the better way to do anything. Glad you are feeling so positive, Cinner and a happy girl right now!

  2. I love what you said "how something little can manifest itself into a serious issue" ... this is so very true Cinner ... I'm glad you are a happy Cinner, I know that feeling ;-)

  3. I have bouts of that myself but I too, have learned to love myself. Be happy where I am at and let the negativity go. The upside of this new philosophy is that I get out more and am doing more things. It has been an exciting two years for me. And I know it is only getting better.
    You have such a lively, open and loving heart, Cinner. Never despair nor feel ashamed. You are so beautiful! Continue on that path of being your own cheerleader and you will soar the heavens!!!

  4. This was so true Cinner. We do go through so many phases. I get those times where I don't want to go outside into the world. It was worse years ago, I have since gotten over it for the most part anyway! As far as the diet. I don't diet. I just try to make better choices. I think dieting puts far too much pressure on us. Love Di ♥

  5. Hi Cinner !
    I bought the Women,Food and God book when I watched the Oprah show's first airing. I have had it sitting there for a few months, hoping to find some quiet "me" time to really read it and get the most out of it. Hmmm, procrastinate much, Kimbo ? But I have to say that all of the concepts shared on the show ring so very very true in me. I have tried diets and weight loss programs before, but to tell the truth it always feels like a punishment to me - like "you are bad/wrong/weak and you have to do this so we can "fix" you.
    The idea that I can love myself into well-being makes so much sense. I think that is what we are all here to try and do - love ourselves, treat ourselves with kindness and compassion and BE in our lives to the fullest.
    I am working hard on just loving me today, in this moment, in spite of the rolls or extra layers I have surrounded myself with. I have so much to give to this world. I am a beautiful soul and that beauty shines for anyone who wants to see it. Yours does too, Lovely One. Here's to loving ourselves through...


    I am so glad you stopped dieting!! Amen. I prayed for that for you. And phases? Oh my, I SO understand I am so happy toknow you are feeling better and that you are aware of how to avoid a set back. I ma going to embraec your welness and believe that soo, I too, will be beyond this setback I am in. Good Lord. ANd as far as the book? Sure, buy it, read it. But YOU my wise and beautiful could write "the book". Believe in YOU.

    Love you girl
    peace and hope.....

  7. You have spoken from both of our hearts. I am growing to love me more than ever before. I am comfortable with myself and opinions from others no longer matter. The ONLY opinions that matter are those from me and God.

    You are beautiful Cinner!!

  8. Hi Cinner, I too bought the book when Oprah first had this show on.....It is sitting here waiting for me to read it. Summer gas been pretty busy this year. How is Wayne's mother doing?......:-) Hugs

  9. I am so glad you are feeling better!! Remember you are the most important!! Can't wait to hear about how you liked the book!

  10. Gayle, I am so glad too, hopefully they finally got the medication right, I got all my fingers and toes crossed...theres a vision. lol. I am going to go out and get the book, it seemed to make a lot of sense to me. How have you been, My nephews left so now I will have time to visit all my sites I love, hope you are well. hugs.

    Bernie, I did not see the first airing, so was glad I saw it, I think it will be really good. Waynes Mom came home from the hospital today. I thought she looked pretty frail, we took her some yellow roses, it is her 84th birthday on the 13th. She promised to take it easy and her daughter is going to stay with her so she does not overdo it. That was a heck of a storm Bernie, I thought of you today when I went outside to see my flowers, I thought I hope Bernie is having better luck than mine. all my poppies were flattened yesterday by the rain. so far nothing tonight. Hugs to you Bernie, I hope your email gets up and running. have a great day.

  11. Tabitha, it is nice that we are getting to such a place in our lives. actually very very exciting, you are beautiful too my friend. Thank you for all you do and share with us. hugs.

    Gail, oh your so kind, My book would be the most long run on sentences around, Ha I just thought of my English teacher. lol. I am praying that you are feeling better too real soon, maybe it will sneak up on you like it did me. I am a little reved up about a test I have tomorrow, for my stomach....one way to make me lose weight, fasting...lol. It is supposed to take 3 hours....I will be asleep on the xray machine....spoken like a true Narcoleptic. lol. Gail know that if I could I would be holding your hand, we would walk down that riverbed and maybe between the two of us we could kick some major MS ___( it rhymes with pass.)Me with my cane and you with your rollator...A great big hug, I think of you every day. I hope you have a nice day with your hubby tomorrow. love ya. chin up.

  12. Kim this is like reading exactly what is in my head about dieting, like needing or feeling I must fix this. I like you know I have lots to offer just as I am. Knowing it and really believing it is what I am working on, I am really trying to be kinder to me...we will work through...thank you for the wonderful comment, it means a lot to know I am not alone. have a wonderful day tomorrow, always ready to see what you are doing next. take care. hugs.

  13. Diana, phases I think like the moon....lol. I am really working on getting out more, tomorrow I am going by myself for this test and you know I am already anxious about it. I always have that fear of what if....lord love a duck...my husband always says if something does happen your at a hospital...he does have a point. how have you been feeling. the weather is so so muggy here, have been wondering how you are doing. now that my nephews have gone home I will be able to get around to check out your blog more often. forgive me for not getting there more often, I just don't know where this summer has gone. big hug to you. hugs.

  14. SueAnn, you really must feel so much better than before, especially with you walking 4 miles a day. I think of your success often, it makes me keep going, we are all so beautiful no matter what size we are, it is unfortunate that at times we can so easily forget this. My new goal, be kinder to myself. your a beautiful lady with a wonderful spirit, I am so glad to think of you as my friend.

  15. Birdie, Little things can become such big things if we let them... I am a happy girl now for the most part...and I am glad you are too. I think of times over the last year with my Dad dying that were so hard, and now with every thing that happens we somehow get through and become stronger. My cup is definately half full and my grass is green on this side of the fence. take care my friend, thanks for all your support and friendship. Besides I am a real bird lover and anyone named Birdie is a friend of mine. Hugs to you.

  16. Wanda, thanks for the lovely comment, I thought of you this morning when I went into my yard. the flowers have been pelted by the storms, so I imagined myself sitting on your bench and thinking of the walks you have taken us on. I might have to think of that until the snow flies. all my poppies are destroyed. very little left actually. I will have to find something else to take pictures of. hope you are well, will be by to visit you soon. hugs, be well.

  17. Cinner there is a real spark in your words today, good for you. Get the book read it believe it do it. Phases yep going through some myself right now and when these are over i am sure there will be new ones. Oh well, love myself that's the hard part isn't it, I am very critical of nearly everything I do and have wonderful ideas that I never get brave enough to actually do. So I am with you on this one give it a go. Love to you

  18. Kim, we are always our own worst enemies, I really liked this whole concept, I know I have lots of fine qualities, so why I define myself by my weight issues are beyond me. so being kind to ourselves is the best way. Love right back to you. Thanks for the wonderful comment. hugs.

  19. Hey Cinner, Before I forget-- the new background is really wonderful.

    And second, I'm glad you watched Oprah and drew some positive feelings about it. I'm a big believer in being kind to yourself-- and I realize it's easier said than done, sometimes, but really, if we're not kind to ourselves, who'll be kind to us. So keep going girl. You're fabulous!!!!!

    LAst, I'm taking a 3 week blog vacation to catch up on summer but I'll check in from time to time and be cask September 1st. Until then-- xoxoxoxoxo jj

  20. Joanna, thanks it is one of primrose lane designs.
    you know I know to be kind to yourself, sometimes I can still fall back into negativity I heard as a child....how long ago was that,,,so On the weekend I am buying the book and going to be kinder. I hope you have a fabulous time and enjoy the rest of your summer. thanks for all your kindness. your a treasure. don't worry about us, we will be here when you get back. take care. hugs.

  21. Perfect & Wonderful post for ALL women, Cinner!! These are some of the things that I have learned over the last 5 years too. Thank you for making me NOT feel alone!! :-)

    I'm going to print out your post and carry it in my purse; for the days (& there will be) that I need the reminder! :-)

    So glad you are getting/feeling better!!
    Blessings and Many Hugs,

  22. Coreen, I am honored that you would want to print out my post and carry it in your purse, you have just made my day. Blessing to you too, thanks for your comment and your visit. hugs to you. take care.

  23. I watched parts of that Oprah show too and liked what Geneen Roth said. I too am my own worst enemy at times...maybe not with food but life stuff. One thing that always stands out when I come to your blog..your positiveness. wishing you a gentle weekend. You're the best Cinner....

  24. Sarah, your a sweetheart you really are. I am pretty positive, all I have to do is take a look around and my pity party is usually over. I think her book can apply to so many parts of our lives, food etc. besides I am a believer kindness goes a long way,,,I forget to be that for me sometimes...but life is about learning and adjusting to those changes...so all is good. I still have not been out to get the book. hope to this weekend. hugs, have a great one.


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