Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sometime It Bites....

I am in control of my world and my actions,
and only I can continue challenging myself,
to continue doing, the responsiblility is mine.
I guess I have always been a result-orientated person,
so having an illness and trying to lose wieght has wieghed heavily on me.
So I realized for me I had to get back to the basics for me.
I have thrown out my scale, yes it is true,
I have found I was getting too stressed about the numbers,
I am so thrilled for Anne, Katie J, SueAnn and how well you have all been doing.
I applaud you all and know how hard you are working at it,
You have been great supporters of me.
And I thank you and everyone else.
I try to have the best Day Ever every day,
What does that mean for someone with Narcolepsy/Cataplexy.
Somedays I can walk from my bedroom to my Kitchen without resting,
Somedays I can sleep every two hours,
Somedays I forget my medications because I am so tired I don't remember whether I have taken them or not.
Somedays I don't have the energy to walk my dog, or throw a ball,
Somedays I am physically and emotionally exhausted,
And somedays I can not pretend that it is easy or that I am handling it all okay,
Somedays I want to scream, and sadly today is one of them.
And then I remember Just be the best You can be with what you have.
That I can do for today.
I eat healthy, I drink lots of water, I have been doing Tai Chi,
I do Fit and Sit, I garden, I still do my own housework, etc.

And now I remember that I am better than I was, I am not falling over 24/7.
The old person I once was is not coming back, maybe there is a better one ahead.
Maybe I have already arrived.
This is me for today.
Take care.


  1. My dear. This is a wonderfully honest posting. We can do but what we can do and when we arrive at that point we are better....good for you.

  2. Oh Cinner... This too shall pass. I am sorry you are having a bad day. I am struggling a bit myself but I keep trying to push forward.

    Maybe you should keep a little notebook and mark down when you take your pills so you know if you have for that day/time for sure.

  3. HI LOVE

    Hallelujah on your throwing out your scale. YOU are NOT the number on a scale. :-)

    And you are better than you know.

    Love you girl "hey"

    peace and hope.....

  4. Some days are worse than others...but you seem to know how to handle the bad ones, Cinner!

    Wishing you good ones!

  5. If I were in Canada, I would come there and spend time with you....
    and just "be..."
    Some days it DOES bite the big one.
    Some days we pray to God that this has all been just a bad dream.
    Cinner, dear Cinner.... I aslo wish you many good days ahead!

  6. I love your optimism Cinner! I wish I had that much of it. I really try, Reading your post helps!
    Love Di ♥

  7. Diana, I think that is all we can do keep trying. I usually bounce back pretty quickly with a better attitude. Or I watch the news what an instant reminder that I am pretty lucky. Big hug to you Diana, keep your chin up and I will keep all four of mine you know where I got the name for my is down to hugs.

    Anne, that would be awesome, maybe one day we will meet...ya just never know. Thanks for your kindness Anne, it really does help.

    Wanda, I guess if we did not have bad days, we would not appreciate the good ones, although most times I do believe every day is a gift. Have a great weekend.

    Gail, you make me laugh, we could of had a scale stomping party....thanks for taking the time out of your busy days right now. I will keep spreading the good news as much as I know how. hugs to you. be well. a hug to your Mom. love you.

    Katie, that is a good idea, thank you,. you keep your goal in mind, I know you can do it before your Alaska trip, I have heard the food on the trip is to die will have so much fun, my sister and her husband went on it last summer, no the summer before....coming fast. hugs to you.

    Linda, I love your honesty on your blogs, you say it like it is, your a treasure to me for sure. hugs to you and have a great weekend. be well.

  8. Oh sweetie, as long as you are doing the best you can, be it with drinking water, exercise or what you eat.....that is all that matters. You are doing your best, no one would or should ever expect any more of you. You are special and beautiful just the way you are.....:-) Hugs

  9. Bernie, you are an angel, your kindness means a lot, you are one of the dearest people I know,,,have a great weekend, hugs to you.

  10. Cinner...that affirmation is so positive and so is your post. You inspire me with your inner strength, and desire to be the best you can. I'm in your corner cheering you on. Take gentle care of deserve that. Sarah

  11. Cinner, scales arghhhh!!! don't you hate them, I have stood on ours and they have changed every time and that's not weekly but in a 2 minute period. We know when we are gaining and we know when we are losing so trust that clothes tell the truth. I hope you can pep up soon, I think the secret is day by day and gently gently.

    Love lots

  12. Cinner, thank you so much for your comment :-) I came to say quick 'hi' before I leave on the trip (which sadly is not a holiday) but I'm happy I did stop by. You see, what I LOVE about you is your attitude. You are a fighter and a positive person. Even when you feel down and have a bad day, you are looking out for the good things and you are intelligent in knowing that this as well shall pass. In the meantime you don't need to 'fight' the feeling of being down, you may just try to embrace it because it is part of what you are that given day but you don't let it take over you ... just gently release it ... I'll be looking for reading your posts when I'll be back :-) hugs and may you have only good days ahead!! :-)

  13. I know you have arrived, Cinner. Congrats for throwing out the scales..keep going and just do it day by will get to where you want to go.

  14. Hi Cinner, I'm still having a hard time leaving a comment on your blog (see comment on your next older post) so I'm commenting her on the Bridge of Love post. All I can say is AWESOME! I love the Bridge of Love idea and will definitely participate. Thanks a million for the tip.

    Sending hugs, jj

  15. Finding that joy and love of life in THIS day is not always easy. You inspire with your ability to do that, Cinner ! Here is to This precious day !

  16. You inspire me every time I come here. EVERY TIME. Thank you.

  17. your positive attitude shines through in each and every post.
    blessings to you!
    and thank you for praying for my sister shauna.


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