Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday!

Here is the sun shining through my faux stained glass window.
I thought everyone needs a flower on a Friday!
Actually I love flowers any day of the week.
Eating habits have been so so this week,
I have been lagging in the energy department,
I am sure due to my medications.
My husband has a three day weekend,
I have some ideas for getting out and about.
Maybe I will go try those stairs I showed a while ago,
trying to increase the strength in my legs.
He will be with me so I don't have to worry about taking a tumble!
Oh and I got the water thing covered now,
yes I am craving water! That is a major step for me!So I am wishing you all a Happy Weekend,and hope you 
enjoy your best day ever.


  1. Craving water, eh?
    Big step, you are right!
    Water - the new everything!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Cinner.

  2. Beautiful stained glass. Have a great weekend Cinner :o)

  3. Cindy....Did you paint the window? It is very pretty.
    It's amazing, but I am also crazing water now. I drank 4 bottles within 6 hours yesterday. All I want it water!


    Oh how nice, a three day weekend for you and your husband. :-) We enjoyed our Tuesday/Wednesday 'weekend' tremendously. I went to my doctor, BP is coming down nicely - I am in normal range and now I am working towards being on the lower end of normal. phew.
    I do strengthening exercises for my legs every day - a 'safe' routine designed by my physical therapist. No risk of falling. We can chat on the phone if you like and I can explain it to you.
    Now that it is a bit warmer I am really enjoying being outside more confidently with my rollator playing with Gracey-Blue. I can sto and sit if need be and I have something to hang on to as I move about the yard. I like to sit near the pond and watch the inhabitants like turtles, fish, frogs and so forth. Fascinating.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend. I love you girl. "hey"

    Love Gail

  5. i can think of something you and hubby can do over the weekend that will burn calories.....

    and, um..., how do you get yourself to crave water? put chocolate in it?

  6. The water thing is huge. Once you start craving it, you are on your way to preferring it.

  7. Craving water?!?!?! You are good Cinner.
    Hope you find some energy for the weekend.

  8. Joanna, I never thought I would see this day. I really should be throwing a party. water and cucumbers, water and strawberries...thank you for helping me with this. take care.

    Unknown Mqmi, it truly is a good day, no pop, hope you have a great weekend.

    Insomic Ellen, lol, with the water just keep drinking and drinking it, now I am finding my body craves it. the stained glass is actually faux...its a paint you can do on windows. I think it is called crystal clear. Hope you have a great weekend. take care.

    Hi Gail, I am so glad that your Bp has come down. I am going to call you sometime after this weekend to have a chitchat and get the lowdown on the legs, most of all I want to hear that infectuous laugh of yours. so until then have a great time. I won't call you Tuesday or Wednesday because I know that is your weekend. Love ya,

    Jackie, yes it is with a paint called Crystal Clear....i like the look of it. For way less money. I am so glad you are craving water now too. See we did it, amazing if we just keep at something. between you and I, I never thought that I would ever see this day. Have a great weekend, keep smiling my lovely friend.

    Cambridge Lady, thank you, it is a faux stained glass, less money, have a great weekend too. I can hardly wait to see what the mystery pictures are this week. you have me hooked now. least it is not chocolate.

    Anne, i could not have donee it without you, Thanks for all the support. Have a great weekend or holiday. I can hardly wait to hear about it. Take care, hugs to you my friend.

  9. Oh so glad you have conquered the water, once you start you will find you have water beside you all the time....Its my favorite drink. Have a great weekend......:-) Hugs

  10. Bernie, I am quite surprised, it has taken awhile but yes I am really starting to like it even.....Have a great weekend.

  11. This is faux?? Wow! It looks great!


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