Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Dream!

Well I wished I was dreaming of warmer places,
say like the above picture,
I can just here the running water now, but not my dream.
I  was on a tabbogan  going down a mountain,
I can just see my face now, red rosy cheeks, all wrapped up in a scarf,
and the feeling of happiness was wonderful.
I was flying, laughing and free, the wind and the snow
flying by me on either slide of the sleigh.
The sleigh cutting a path into the freshly fallen snow,
It was the light fluffy snow,
In my dream I was only about six or seven.
why was my head so big!
And all of a sudden I was flying through the air,
And then I felt a wet nose in my ear,
The dream was over,
And the dogs wanted out!
I often wonder why we dream the things we do, maybe I dreamed of the mountains because of the dog rescues teams that went to Haiti, and I know I read a comment on a blog about a St. Bernard!
It makes me wonder how our minds work.
I am starting my day, by getting into my exercise routine,
right after a breakfast of yougurt, fibre one, and 12 almonds.
Followed by 2 large glasses of water
(Jackie, that is for you)
I can already feel toning happening with my new exercise aperatus,
it just hooks around each ankle and then there are different
exercises you can do! I can actually feel some muscles in my butt cheeks,
Oh, you will all have such a better day knowing that one, Lol.
Have a great weekend!



    I love your dream. :-) Freeing and stimulating and fun!! Adventurous........ (all words I would use to describe you)!!!!! :-)

    I had a banana, 12-grain brown bread toast, orange juice. My water bottle is like a third arm - always with me.

    I am headed to the Wll in just a few minutes to do Yoga and to ski!! Phew.

    And your butt looks great!!

    Love you girl

  2. I love how you remember your dreams.....I only have a few vivid dreams in my lifetime which I still remember after many years. I think you may be onto something as watching those dogs in Haiti is very much on my mind today and everyday really.....:-) Hugs

  3. Hi Cinner,
    Dreams really are interesting.
    sounds like great fun getting some exercise and feeling muscles work! Keep on keeping on~

  4. Cool cozy dream, Cinner!
    I actually tried to sign up to go to Haiti, as a Nurse.
    But two of the places I went to (online) were scams!
    I am signing up with a group to have my name on the list
    for the next (God Forbid) global disaster -
    and avoid the last minute rush!
    Are those resistance bands you are using? That's what I use!

  5. That's so funny. I just finished telling my husband that I dreamed about goats last night!!! Your dream is way better :-)

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  6. Joanna, ha ha, I have never dreamed about goats..although I keep thinking about the blog nannygoats in panties...take care my friend. Have a great weekend.

    Anne...It makes me crazy that there would be scams out there. Great for you to be on a list, AND God forbid is right. Resistance bands, yes....only for about a week,,,but yes they are them...

    Tammie Lee, hi thanks for stopping does feel good, although I have to admit I am hurting a little, but a good has been a long time coming. Take care, Have a great weekend.

    Bernie, I know I can't stop thinking about how bad it is there. Are your dreams at least good dreams Bernie....I noticed you found Beths blog.
    She is such a wonderful person and photographer. It was good to see you there. Be well Berni, be well. Hugs.

    Gail, Sounds like a great breakfast,,if your using the wii and skiing your butt must look better than mine lady!You inspire me everyday Gail, keep up the great work and day to day stuff. I am holding your hand with you. Be well. Hugs.

  7. Great dream! I think I will starting writing mine down again!!


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