Thursday, December 17, 2009

Everyone Needs A George!

This was an email forwarded to me today.
My but that is a nice looking glass of wine!
Or is it Champagne!

May we all be the celebrity in our lives!


  1. What wine?
    What champagne?
    Is he not FINE or what!!!
    Thank you, Cindy. :))
    Hugs and smiles to you from Jackie

  2. Oh yeah we all need a George, right now I would settle for George Bailey......:-) Hugs

  3. I like how he does not try to dye his hair and just lets it be naturally grey.

    Cinner don't forget to email me yer addy for your Mysterious Prize!

  4. Every girl likes a bit of fizz. Cheers!


    Woohoo!!!! He is SO fine - phew.

    Love you

  6. Gail, he is so fine for sure. love you too..

    Cambridge Lady, yes fizz is good. Cheers too

    Olde Dame Penniwig, I like the natural look, I think it is sexy. I re emailed my addy to you tonight. It says it went through. If you don't get it, I could post it on your blog. just let me know! take care.

    Bernie, now I have to look up George Bailey! be well.

    Unknown Mami, whatever it is I hope we all get

    Jackie, he is some fine, enjoy, big hug.

  7. Cinner - the internet ate my comment!!!
    Just wanted to say hi - and I think I made some comment about George looking mmmm.mmmmm.mmmmm.
    Something like that.

  8. Hi Anne, I Hate it when it does that. grrrr.
    george looking mmmm. and you know he really is not one of my all time favorites.. but he does look fine here.

  9. Well said, Cinner!
    A bit o' eye candy for the Christmas-time masses....
    Who, then if I may ask would be one of your favourites?
    *As an honorary Canadian, I still like Paul Gross, eh?*

  10. Anne you make me laugh eh! My favorite is Sam Elliot, He has the sexiest voice on the planet. I did love him in Mask....I am a sucker for a man with a deep voice.. Take care my Honorary Canadian!


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