Sunday, November 22, 2009

Confronting your Food.!

You know I consider myself to be a bright woman,
I am dealing with a full deck and I don't think my toolbox is short a hammer or anything,
The lights are on and somebody is home. Hi by the way!
Today my assignment is to confront my food demons.
so I sit here and think OMG, but because I am openminded I will see if I get anything out of this or not!
First thing to note is that sometimes my humor can be quite dry, with just a little bit of sarcasm thrown in!
Hello Bread of any have been so easy to grab, and usually readily handy, but I have to say you have added many inches to my frame. I don't even know if I like you but for some reason when your here you redistribute yourself on my whole body, and I resent that the first place i notice is on my neck. Have you no pride. I can take alot of things but not my once neck! Come on you really have to go and stay out!
Just so anyone knows I am feeling kind of silly but  I did give it to the bread.
Lets see, next item on my list would be Ice Cappucinos from Tim Hortons. If I could go back in time to when I never knew you existed, my life would be better for not knowing you. and saying that the door will be locked upon any arrival. all begging for one will cease to stop. Besides there are so many others that adore you, that you will not be lonely. Eventually you will be used to the idea that I no longer frequent your establishment.
As to all you fast food places out there I have to stay away as well because even if you are carrying healthier choices, it is just a little too tempting for moi.
So it has really been nice knowing you but you must go back to whence you came.
Okay those are my first main three, do I feel a little silly, sure I am talking to the food, so maybe one hammer short of a toolbox, but what it makes me feel is that I am in charge. I have things I can control! I am the boss and not the food.
Right now I feel like I am Rocky and just made it to the top of the stairs. I definately have my walking shoes on for tomorrow and am ready to get on this bandwagon like I know I can.
You should try this exercise or just tell me I am a fruit loop!
But you know what tonight I am a happy one.
This is my world, my life, and from now on I am going to have
My Very Best of Days! 
hope you do too!
Thankyou for all your kind comments!


  1. You said they were iced cappuccinos, but you never said they were from Tim Hortons. Now I understand why it would be so hard to resist!

    Get Thee Behind Me, and Me and My Four Chins - aka Cinner!!

    {talking to the food demons there, eh?}

    *poof!* Be gone - They have no power here!

  2. Anne you made me laugh this morning, but that was the exact reaction I was looking for....poof! Be well my friend.

  3. HI CINNER -
    If I may toss a 'serious note' in to the mix!!!

    In my work as an addictions counselor, clients write letters to their "drug" of choice, to confront it and explore the chaos and unmanageability it has caused in their lives. Food, usually sugars and carbs can be and are a drug for some folks. In other words, I don't know any broccoli addicts' :-),
    there is a 12-step fellowship just like AA and NA, called Over-eaters Anonymous, = "OA". The literature is very enlightening and is very available on-line. If you haven't already, perhaps a 'look-see' might be helpful. I swear by the philosophy, purpose, solution and program.
    This is literally, 'food for thought'. :-)

    Love to you

  4. Ahh the dreaded fast food chains. I wish I had a blind spot for those. They can be tough to pass sometimes.

    Love your sense of humor and outlook Cinner. Keep up the good work.

  5. Oh cinner I sure could learn more lessons from you, today's was a good one and I liked Gail's advice as I don't need to loose a great deal of weight, you would roll your eyes at me in disgust I am sure if you heard me complain about my weight but 12 pounds to me is a lot, I am short and a diabetic but I have such a hard time moving that needle on the scale. Luv you......:-) Hugs

  6. Hi Bernie, and no I would not, your weight is much a bother to you as mine is. I have a friend who is about 95 lbs. and when she gains 10 pounds she says she can really tell. I used to always bug her and tell her I had an ankle bigger than her, but I saw her work at it and like I said to her it was just as important. so I do understand. Take care Bernie. Another thing I have learned is that it is not about the weight but how healthy we feel. Only you know your body. Big hug!

    Oh Joanna I agree with you. I am so glad though that you are going to enjoy your Thanksgiving. I have been hearing about it all week and am craving stuffing and gravy. lol...Trust me I am not hard done by. I need to behave myself.

    Gail, I tried that a few years ago with a girlfriend, but I have to be honest. we gave up to soon, and now it is just so hard for me to get out. The hospital with the weightwise is the closest for me. I will write a letter to the foods though. I think that is a good idea for me. Take care. big hug.

  7. I need to have a talk with the bread too.

  8. Unknown Mami, I really need to write a book to the bread. That is my worst trigger food. I love your comment thing you are doing and I can see that do really well. One of these days I might venture to try it. Be well.

  9. Love it . . and I don't mean FOOD!! This post rocks . . inspirational!

    I've been up since just after 4am ... so much to do as we depart Spain early tomorrow morning. Me, I'm taking a precious half hour to take a last, for now look at some of my favourite on-line blogger-friends!

    Have a great Christmas friend, stay away from the mince pies ;-D and, (hopefully) be back again soon :-)xxx

  10. Gloria, thanks, so glad you took the time to stop by, Will you be back in Spain for Christmas...and you know what one of the only foods I dislike is
    mince pies so I am safe, it is the shortbread that I am concerned about, and, and, and, Big hug to you.


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