Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breakfast Menu, One Meal Closer To A Healthy Me

Can you guess what I am having for breakfast? The ones I have in my fridge are so juicy! So I am starting my day with some all bran, milk, strawberries with some almonds for protein. Yesterday was a fair day, but I can tell in the morning I should wake up with energy. I have had two days now being a little tired, but when that happens, then there is a good one after I have rested. Rest is the best medicine for me, Eating healthy is the second! How can you not have a great day when you start your day with such luscious strawberries! I hope the choices we all make today get us a little closer to our goals. Keep your chin up, I still have four chins, but not for long! Today is going to be my Best Day, Smile and the Whole world Smiles With You.


  1. oh cinner, I blew my calories today, didn't eat a lot but I had 2 slices of pizza for supper with a glass of red wine....more calories than I am allowed for one day. When will I learn, everything I eat turns to fat and I wasn't able to exercise today (I did some heavy cleaning though) and I am not going to Curves tomorrow either. I don't know how you do it every day....I have to get my act together and soon.......:-) Hugs

  2. OKay Bernie, you are being way too hard on yourself, you cleaned for 3 hours, that is exercise. I had a huge piece of pizza for lunch, not great but sure better than sitting down with the whole pizza. Same with you, you could have ate it all. IT is a new day, plus look at all the water you drank and it was so hot you probably sweated have your calories away today. Remember without falling there is no room to get up!

  3. Cinner - I love to read your posts because you have a wonderful way of looking at things. Hows the water drinking going? Now that it's cooler weather?

  4. Hooray for us! Wonder where all these chins will go to live when we've said, "Get going!"

    Maybe there is a foster home for unwanted chins...

  5. Hi Cinner-

    the strawberries look luscious. I had oatmeal with raisins.
    i had pizza last nite :-) home made - I made it myself with my home made sauce too. And wine, yup, chilled chardonnay. mmmmmmmmm and then we went to the dairy-serv and got cones with a dip - mmmmmmm.. I think it was a great day!!

    Love Gail

  6. That's probably the best possible breakfast anyone could have, still Bernie mentioned red wine on his comment, you wouldn't believe the miracles of 1 glass of red wine per day.

  7. Hi Rafael, yes they say 1 glass of wine is a cure all for heart disease etc. Bernie is a she. lol. Take care.
    Homemade pizza and dipped cones, I'm in, meet you at the dairy-serv. Glad you had such a great day.

    Holly, ha, ha, there must be a home for unwanted Chins. lol.

    Anne the water is starting to become a habit, I carry it with me all the time, no pop or anything else. I put strawberries, lime, lemon, cucumber slices in just for a little flavor. How are you doing, Leader Trooper.

  8. ok sweetie, your let's have drink post wouldn't let me comment (this has happened before) so I am back here....I just want to say have a wonderful time with your sister and make beautiful memories visitng each other.
    Good for you with drinking all that water, I too am addicted to it, I have a glass or a bottle beside me always. Today I had a glass of ginger ale as my stomach was upset and I thought it might settle it, it didn't so I took a gravol....I need some rest.
    Hugs to you my friend and have the best weekend ever with your sister...:-)

    I got chuckle when Rafael called me "he", it happens all the time...LOL

  9. I wanted to comment on the water post but it wouldn't let me! I went to see a dietician earlier this year and she said that the required water intake goes up with weight. So me at my weight should be aiming for 5 litres a day including water in food! I am not sure I manage to drink 4 litres but I certainly drink way more than the one or two I used to. She also said it is really hard to loose weight if you are dehydrated because the liver is thinking about toxin flushing with limited water and the kidney has to step in and help and so doesn't think about calorie burning and utilising fats.... (I think I have this right but don't quote me!)

  10. Hey Cinner, Do you know Alix? Your two are on the nearly the same wave-length today....

    We think alike. I have a huge box of strawberries and peaches in my fridge. They are yum-mmy!


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