Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Decorating 101 yard sale style.

These are my new yard sale ornaments my hubby picked up.
They remind me of people
twisting and becoming
new shapes, I love things with curves,
always have, always will.
love the depth and
form of each one.
There are two of these and they remind me
of me,  But perspectives change every day.
for that I am grateful.

This is how they look on the mantel.
it is funny because they inspire me to keep moving.
The flowers were bought at the yard sale too.
I think hubby did a pretty good job.

This is how it looks outside,
overgrown but still beautiful.
My boyfriend Stanley has been kicked to the curb.
I no longer need my cane.
Maybe I should keep him under the bed just in case.
Went to the doctor yesterday.
everything looked really good,
healing as things should.
I had more energy than I have had in a long time.
My SIL and I went to a quaint book store,
I found a diabetic cookbook that I bought.
going to really try and follow the recipes.
well another day ends with a thunderstorm,
all is calm now, but I do hear the rain still falling,
if only like pennies from heaven.
I hope you are all having your 
Very Best of Days!


  1. I love the green in the twisty forms...
    Glad the healing is going so well. Bye, bye Stanley !
    Hugs, Lovely One !

  2. Cindy I love these and to think you got them from a garage sale. Wow. And better...that they give you the inspiration to keep moving...to pushing forward....have an awesome day out there and stay cool....we've hit an all time record in high temps....

  3. Sarah it has not been bad here, only 23 yesterday. at my Moms 37.3. I would not be doing very well. probably with ice cubes in front of an air conditioner. have a great week. keep cool. Hugs.

  4. Kim, how are you, been think of the rock fairy lots lately. all my love.

  5. I just think it's so great that your husband thought of you with such beautiful things. And now they are on display as a reminder! Lots of good news, from Stanley being busy elsewhere and your new diabetic cookbook and the doctor confirming that you're healing. Things sound like they are on an upward path. Yay! Blessings and love, xoO

  6. That is an awesome yard sale find. It looks great on the mantel!
    Love Di ♥

  7. Like the art shapes. Glad you are giving Stanley a break. Take care.

  8. HI Cinner! Thanks for your email today! Thanks for grabbing button, there was an error that has been fixed. Please re-grab it. The one you have isn't working. Thanks Cinner and Hugs to you!

  9. ha ha Stanley is booted hey good for you I'm sure you won't need him again. I love storms and i love jungle gardens soon soon it will be spring here can't come soon enough for me i am so over the cold weather.
    love to you dear. xxoo

  10. The mantel decor is very lovely, Cinner...I love the flowing shapes too and see how they could be inspiring.

  11. Love the ornaments - my FIL used to make things like that.

  12. how fun that your hubby brought home things that you love, curvy artful things.... and flowers. So glad you are feeling better and with good energy. Wishing you the best as you learn to eat well.

  13. Your new wooden carvings are lovely. They have a very Henry Moore look to them.


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