Sunday, August 15, 2010

My PLANS WERE Changed.

My Sunday morning started off peaceful,
up at about ten, found a good movie to watch,
let my husband sleep in,
I was in my pjs sipping my coffee,
Mr. Hubby had just got up,
and we heard this quiet knock at the door,
He went to answer it, it was our goddaughter.
Were we busy because she would really like to come over and play with us.
Well that was the end of the movie, 
I would have to watch it another time.
Her little face was so hopeful.
She just turned eight the other day,
so she got to open her gift,
all the right things,
art supplies, a beading kit,
a little necklace kit, a book to write in,
and we then made a whole bunch of paper flowers.
She wrote a story about my husband waking up grumpy,
and oh she had some news,
Her Mom had twin girls,
She was so excited,
She was going to be real nice to them.
Anyway I enjoyed her thoroughly today,
Her Dad picked her up,
I was already late for my nap,
so I had my husband call his Mom
and we took her over supper and had supper there with her.
We stayed for a few hours after,
and I was tired.
Sometimes your plans get changed,
and your day turns out better than planned.
I just went with the flow,
I was trying to be kind to myself,
and it worked,
I had two visits with people I really love,
and well the rest is just peanuts.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day!! How sweet to be able to spend the day with your Goddaughter!!
    Have a wonderful Monday!!

  2. Sometimes, even peanuts aren't that bad!
    Glad you had a good time!

  3. Cinner, in deed, when we go with the flow, that's when the best things happen ... super that you had a great day! happy week ahead, hugs!

  4. It's great when we just enjoy what day is given to us. Super day for a super gal.

  5. I have this image of your little god-dgt. standing there asking if she could come it. I'm glad you had fun with her. Have a great week Cinner...and always remember...You're the best!!!!

  6. That was a sweet day, Cinner! I'd take a goddaughter visit over a movie any old day. Sometimes we have to look for the magic, other times, it just comes right to our own door. xx

  7. Some of my best days are unplanned! Glad you had a great day!!

  8. Eight year old's are fun. My granddaughter will be eight soon. It is a wonderful age and I find it very hard to say NO!!!!! I am so glad that you unexpected plans were good ones Cinner!
    Love Di ♥

  9. Your day sounds wonderful.....your goddaughter and mother in law will really appreciate the time you gave each today.....:-) Hugs

  10. Bernie, I so enjoy my visit from my Goddaughter, she is eight going on twenty. I could not believe the big words she was using. my mil is slowly recovering from pnemonia, I just thought she looked so frail...we always enjoy her company.
    hope you are having fun with your new computer and that you have all your boxes put have a great week,,HUGS.

    Diana, that is just the perfect age, She was so excited about her Mom having twins, and she was going to be nice to them, She has a sister who is six, but says she is mean to her all the time. I think she tends to exagerate a for saying no, right there with you, I get wrapped around their littles fingers in a heart beat. hope you are feeling better, coming to visit your blog today, finally going to do some catch up. Hugs, love, c

  11. Gayle is that not the truth, I actually don't like to make plans because I never know when I will be tired and played out. So it really worked out good. Yesterday was a wash because I did too much the day before. hugs, how is Bryson. I hope feeling better and on the waay to recovery. be well.

  12. Ann, she is such a little treasure, makes me laugh way more than a movie can, some of the things she says...oh my goodness. lol hope you have a great day, take care.

  13. Sarah, your such a sweetheart. You should see her how she bats her eyes at me. We do alot of art when she comes here, always have with her, she loves to water my flowers when I had some, but she loves to turn the hose onto jet, and then laughs as she blows them off....I can't help but laugh when she giggles. hope you have a wonderful day, you are always an inspiration. big hugs.

  14. Linda, it takes a super gal to know one. lol. Going with the flow, I think that is the best way.Hope you are well and keeping yourself busy, are you enjoying having your car back. take care.hugs.

  15. Birdie, I do that alot actually, going with the flow, I hate to make plans, but I love to be spontaneous....I think I am a nutbar that way. well other ways too. lol. have a fabulous week. take care. be well.

  16. Anne, I like peanuts at a ball game, they can be in my house and I never touch sister on the other hand, I have to hide them from her. I hope she does not read take care, enjoy your week. Hope things are not too tough at work, what with the young nurse dying. very sad. hugs.

  17. SueAnn, it is always a nice surprise, last week I heard her in her Dads yard saying, ...She is not resting, I see her body in the yeard. see she is right over there. Can't you see her body... I knew it was close to her bedtime, but she was trying to get to come over. out of the mouths of babes. As you enjoy your grandchildren, I am blessed she is in my life. have a wonderful week. many smiles.

  18. Happy B'day to her! :)
    Lovely poem. Enjoyed reading it. :)

    Pic is really very cute. :)

  19. yes, to go with the flow is the trick to life sometimes. and the presence of a child can bring us right into the gifts of this moment and feeling quite vital and alive. Also we can get tired... So does this mean you are the godmother of twins?

  20. I agree. Spending time with the people we love beats almost anything else we might have planned. Thank you for sharing this vignette of your day, and thank you for stopping by my blog recently.

  21. I would love to hear a quiet knock at my door. :)

  22. oh Cinner how wonderful that you God daughter wants to visit you these days children are so easily occupied with tv, games stations etc. What a wonderful treat and I bet you enjoyed it so much. Good for you.


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