Monday, June 14, 2010

Take another Look.

Sometimes when life is making you feel a little blue,
you got to step back and take a look at things from a different perspective.
I think that is what Buster, our dog at the farm is doing.
He likes the bottom house in the winter and now has taken a liking to his penthouse.
They have had to tie him up because there are so many coyotes in the area.
Anyway looking at this picture made me think about my life lately,
Not that I need a second level on my house,
but that I need to be more committed to my goals.
I start something and then keep myself busy with other things, or others,
Anyhow I got up this morning and took out my tai chi tape,
and no I did not watch it....I actually did it.
Now I am not saying that to be smart,
but I have at times watched something and thought oh no, not a chance.
So I did my tai chi, felt awesome, and then I spent most of the day inside
because of getting too much heat over the last few days.
My husband and I had a a nice evening outside tonight,
there was a nice breeze and it feels  like rain.
We sat and held hands and listened to the birds and talked about his day.
Tomorrow I am going to try and go watch his ball game.
It is quite a hike for me but I have to push myself.
So that is my plan, get a good night sleep,
a nights rest will do me good,
and then a new and better day
on Tuesday.
I will make sure of it.
One day in the dumps is enough for me.
Be well,


  1. Oh, I love the penthouse for the dog! That's hysterical.

    Keep up the good work and the great attitude Cinner. One day at a time. And I hope your hubby's team wins!

    xo jj

  2. HEY girl
    great post. and you dog has the right idea, for sure. things look better from on top!!! Your loving evening with your husband ws perfect. Hope you have a good time at his bal game.
    I am hanging on here.................

    Love you
    peace and hope.....

  3. Good for you Cinner. I know exactly what you are saying. I am not doing as much as I should, exercise wise but I am increasing my walking and that's something I am proud of. And so should you be proud. I hate this saying but it is true. Baby steps...

  4. I love that picture of Buster, he was such a nice dog! I'm having trouble sticking to my goals too, but I've lost a few pounds so I'm trying to keep on track. Good for you for pushing yourself!

  5. Hi :)

    I enjoyed reading your words :)

  6. When I lived in Hong Kong I would see so many people doing Tai Chi in the gardens there. It is a beautiful and relaxing exercise. I love that photo of your dog. It reminds me of a story that I told my girls when they were leaving their crib for a big girl bed. It was about a puppy who grows bigger and bigger, but insists upon sleeping in his puppy home for comfort.

  7. So glad you know yourself so well that you are planning a good day for yourself tomorrow. We all have days that are better than others, be well my friend........:-) Hugs

  8. One day and one step at a time Cinner. Isn't this what is expected of us? Love Di ♥

  9. One action done daily every other day can soon become part of your life. I started on saturday, doing a belly dancing dvd..shooting for three days a week.
    Kudos to you for doing your Tai Chi.

  10. Shell, I have tried the belly dancing just off of the t.v. oh my land do you get a workout. Two of my friends took classes for a while too, but like everything have to be committed. I wish you luck with that. P.S. I think it is so sexy, love their outfits. But not as much as I love your smile. thank you for your comments, your a dear.

    Diana, yes one day, one step at a time, or is it 10,ooo a day. that for me just sounds like so long. I did my Tai Chi again today, looking at other forms of it too. take care and have a great day.

    Bernie, I wish I knew myself every day, that would be the key. Did you get your plants in, I hardly have any color outside, but things are sure green. Hope you are out and about enjoying the nice weather. take care. hugs to you.

    Hi Karen, Hong Kong sounds wonderful, when I lived in Saskatoon there was a Seniors Group that would meet down by the river. I would get to watch them....they were so graceful....I think I am still working on my technique. The story sounds wonderful about the puppy outgrowing his bed....This dog was actually my Dads dog. He is a good boy, you just never know where he is going to show up next....lets say he likes to travel. I love your blog, you are so very creative. take care, and thank you for the visit and comment. Be well.

    Tabitha thank you, I watched your news video today and that is so inspiring, you should be so proud of all you have accomplished. Take care. you are a love.

    A Nurses Curses, oh good for are the john deer tractors coming along, are there any on the shelf yet. Buster was so happy to see us when we were home. Grandma put up the humming bird feeders and they are back. I still have those bird books for N from Grandpa....are you finished your course yet. and how are things going. take care.

    Linda, Yes baby steps, but then I fall down and go onward and forward. So how are you doing with your car. I think I have finally decided to sell mine. But I do know how much you would value your freedom for sure. take care.

    Gail, oh I did not make it to his game, which is too bad, he said with an inflated chest how well he had played. I love watching him play ball, it is such a long hike to the city fields where they play. I will try again next week. I am glad your holding on, I am thinking about you everyday and I am praying for the best outcome and for strength for you to get through this. love you girl, hey.....always.

    Joanna, I thought it was hysterical too. when that little house was on the ground he would never use it. BTW they did win the game. take care, be by soon. be well. hugs.

  11. Buster is so pretty. Glad you are keeping him safe from the coyotes. They are here, too, and they have to eat, of course, and will take a pet quick as a wink. They come right into the city.

    Work up to that long walk to see your husband play ball -- tell him he needs to take up a sport for autumn, that would be a good time for walking!!!

  12. Thank Holly, I have not seen any in the city...but when we drove to the farm they seemed more plentiful than ohter years. My best time to walk is early in the mornings first thing when I have the most energy. I am working at it. I always think of the comment you left me about being a tree and what was working on the inside I may not see yet. I thought that was beautiful btw. Take care, Be well.


    Happy Friday..
    Thank you for commenting on my magpie tale!

  14. Buster looks so cute in his upstairs house. It is a pity he has to be chained, but I presume it is the only way to keep him safe from the coyotes. I know nothing about them, but they sound dangerous, hope they don't get into Busters garden. You have a good attitude, keep it up.


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