Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Woud Have Never Thunk It!

The weightloss Gods have finally shined upon me.
What am I talking about?
I for the first time in my life walked away from ice cream cake.
Oh yes I did,
work it, work it...
Actually the last week I have had vast improvements.
I  am on a new Rx for Acid Reflex,
and what a difference that makes,
I have been sleeping better,
and because I sleep better, I have fewer Cataplexy episodes,
so I  have been moving around more in the day.
So all is good, actually better than good.
It is the best I have felt in Eight years,
so whatever is going on
I hope it continues.
I have to say over the past few days,
I have read some truly moving posts about Mothers.
I think the floodgates even opened up here,
and as I just typed that,
boom went a thunderboom.
we are having our first thunderstorm of the season.
It is awfully early for it.
I do like a good storm,
Have a great week everyone!
Health and happiness to all.


  1. A refreshing blog.
    I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow, and I’m glad I did. I am now a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become one as well.

  2. Good job on turning a corner!
    Keep moving forward!

  3. walked away from an ice cream cake (and didn't call ME!!???) :))
    I would have taken up the slack and would have eaten it for you....but I want you to know that I'm proud of you...
    My husband takes an acid reflux prescription, and it made all the difference in his health. He was eating Rolaids and Tums every day...for years and years. The first day he started on the prescription medicine, the problem was completely amazing and wonderful medicine...and I'm so glad that it is helping you.
    I'm thinking of you....drinking my water....but would have a hard time walking away from an ice cream cake.
    P.S. It hailed and stormed here last evening...I got a call on my cell phone and on the house phone from the emergency weather system that lets us know when a storm is in the area....and it wasn't 10 minutes later when the bottome fell out. The hail was the size of golf balls. But, today was the 90's....sunny and beautiful.
    I send you a hug...and a wish for a lovely week.

  4. Good for you cinner.....we had rain and hail earlier this evening and just a bit of a thunder storm. I love storms as well and we really need the rain.

    I am thinking of going Dr. Bernstein, have you heard anything about him, I have to loose what is now 20 lbs. it is beginning to get away from me.

    So glad you are feeling better.....:-) Hugs

  5. I am so pleased for you....good sleep, less problems, more movement .....YAY, you go girl. (((hugs))) until next time

  6. lovely image,
    it makes a world difference.
    lovely writing,
    May your wish come true!

    Happy Monday!

  7. Lack of good sleep affects everything...Gad you are feeling better!


    "YAY"!!! I recall feeling like you when I walked out of McDonald's with NO food in hand, amazing huh? keep on keeping on girl - I love you and I need you.
    Love Gail

  9. I'm SO Happy for you!!
    Happy Monday!

  10. WOW! Sleeping better is HUGE news-- so is walking away from ice cream! I'm thrilled for you.

    Keep workin it girl!

  11. Wow! I have a hard time walking away from anything sweet!! Do you mind emailing me with what you take for acid reflux? Mine is not working very well. So glad you are doing so much better!!

  12. Your blog is all good news!!I give you a gold star from walking away from that ice cream cake. NOY an easy thing to do. Glad you are feeling better. Dee

  13. Dee, thanks and it was not that hard, today is a good day, hope you are well. take care.

    Gayle, I emailed it to you, I hope you can try it, and that you get feeling better. take care,happy days ahead.

    Joanna, I am reading your comment and thinking so much for sleeping better, it is 221 in the am, and I am wide awake, but I will try again soon. lol

    Tabitha, thanks...did you make your appointment for your foot, you said it was swelling, as soon as I started this medicine, they do not swell anymore....who knows....hugs

    Gail, I remember reading that post. we went to my MIL for Mothers day, family just kept strolling in all day. my sil and I went early. they were just cutting the cake as we were leaving, everyone was oh you must stay for cake.....I was outa is my favorite you I was so proud of myself. hugs to you my friend.

    Wanda, thank you, oh yes a good night sleep makes for a very happy me. take care, thanks for stopping by.

    Jingle, thank you for your kind words, take care.

    Linda, thanks I am trying oh and one day at a time. thank you for the reminder. hugs to you my friend.

    Bernie, I have heard of the doctor, I think by an add on the t.v. it is worth a try. we did get a storm but it did not last long at all. good luck Bernie,...have you tried acupuncture for weight loss. when I went it was 75 a visit, and I went twice a week, WITH all my weight it was going to take a long time to get it off, just too might want to check into that,,,,prices may be different now. that was quite a while ago.good luck,hope you continue to feel better and better.

    Jackie, oh no, hail the size of golf balls, unreal was there any damage, I was eating tums and rolaids, really just started having trouble about a year ago, and yes what a difference a day can make. I ate too late tonight so having a little difficulty now, but I am learning...I won't do it again. they say to try to eat earlier in the day. maybe someday we will have ice cream cake together.
    I would give you the biggest piece, I really would. lol. thanks for such a lovely comment today. it made my day. take care. hugs.

  14. Anne, thanks I will keep trying and doing. take care, hope you had a great weekend, and happy Tuesday.

    covnitkepr1, Hi nice to meet you, thanks for becoming a follower, I had a quick look at your blog and will come back when I have more time to check it out thoroughly. thank you and good luck. take care.


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