Friday, April 9, 2010

Colors everywhere.

I love this photo that I  took when I was out in British Columbia.
With such vibrant colors, how can one not have a great day.
What I have noticed lately is that the colors in life that I enjoy so much
Also have to be in my food,
Just with everything else in my life that seems to be so time consuming,
so should the creativity of cooking a meal or making a salad.
So that is what I am trying to do.
Not only is color beautiful, but it is tasty.
I hope you have a very colorful weekend.


  1. I feel that way about everything....that's why I think hell is beige, just beige. No bright colors anywhere. I love color. The picture is really nice.
    Thanks for sharing with me and wishing the Ry guy a Happy one. He is so impressed with all "his" lovelies and will be delighted to add Canada to his map of friends.
    Have a totally colorful weekend. (((hugs)))until next time


    Ah yes, color. In nature, in food, in clothes, in are color - lovely shades and hues - :-)

    Love you
    Happy colorful weekend

  3. You too Cinner - that is a lovely photo!

  4. Luscious and tasty colours.
    And good for you - nurturing!
    Hope you have a great week end.
    Is the weather still out-of-whack up there?
    Stay warm, Cinner!

  5. I love color, very cold and windy today in fact it is snowing outside at the moment, we need more color for sure but we also need the mositure so I shouldn't complain...:-) Hugs

  6. Hope your weekend is full of color too, Cinner!

  7. Hope it's warm in your neighborhood-- Spring colors are the best! Hope they're coming your way.
    Have a fun weekend.

  8. I too love this photo. :)
    It is so beautiful.
    Nice post about colors in our life.
    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  9. Beautiful colors in that beautiful picture!! I love this time of year!!

  10. Not feeling well?!! That's not good! Glad my clumsiness could make you smile for a bit! :-) Hope you feel better real soon!

  11. Kristen I did not see you as clumsy at all, it was nice to see you having fun...I am not sure what game you were playing though.I don't think I have seen that in Canada. take care.

    Gayle, that was out in British Columbia, we are still behind, the next month we should have some color...yeah I can hardly wait.

    Chandrika, hi, nice to have you pop by. I love the colors too, I could walk down there every day. too bad I don't live closer by.
    Take care and have a great sunday.

    Joanna, soon the colors will be here, that was taken when I was in British Columbia, it was so luscious and green, and the air was so will get me through till we have Spring here. hope you are well, you always make me smile. have a great day.

    Wanda, thanks, I think the sun is to shine today. Maybe I can play in my yard or just sit out there and read. That would be perfect for me. Have a wonderful day. thanks for poppin in.

    Bernie, I knew it was too good to be true, I was going to put away my winter boots, I will leave them a while longer. we do need the moisture, I heard talk of a bunch of trees dying here if we don't get moisture. but you know Alberta, we could still get a foot of snow for another month. I hope I have not jinxed us. Take care, have a great day.

    Anne, it seems to be a little better, at least my house is still standing, there was a 54 car pile up the night it was so so windy, my husband said it was like driving in a horror movie, being just about blown off the roads. Hope you are well. I will get to the post office on Tuesday, hubby is off so will drive me. take care, enjoy your day.

    Katie J, thanks I love it too. I hope you had a great time at the game tonight. have a great rest of the weekend.

    Gail, you are so kind to me. I do love color for sure, love you too, you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. take care my friend.

    Linda, okay I can see that, beige is hell....I lived in too many apartments that of course the walls were all beige, as soon as we got into our house, well lets just say anything goes. Last year a friend came to visit, I had painted the back door, a bright pinky color, she was sitting having a smoke in the back yard, and out of the blue she says, Who the hell in their right mind would paint their door that color. I burst out laughing and said that was me. Glad Ry guy is so thrilled. I don't even know him but I can tell I love him to pieces. take care, have a great rest of the weekend.


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