Monday, March 8, 2010

Premies, Ice Cappucinos and Trucks.

courtesy of magic moon free images.
I just loved this picture when I saw it,
And what a precious little face,
that really could be me when I was a child.
I was born 3 months premature,
and this is a thought I have,
the smaller you are when you are born,
the bigger you are in later years.
Now I am saying this because of other premies that I have talked to.
The smallest was an Uncle of mine that was one and a half pounds at birth.
He was about 6 feet 6 and maybe 350 lbs.
What do you think of my theory?
My other theory is that maybe food was pushed at us to make us grow guickly,
and therefore none of my wieght gain has anything to do with any bad habits that I have been responsible for. 
Sometimes I know not what I do as I reach for the Ice Cappucino at the 
Tim Hortons drive threw.
The man behind the window says,
Hey Lady, your husband could pass this to you.
I sit back in my seat and  think, now, now act like a lady.
So I wait for my husband to pass it ever so slowly,
...I think to myself, hurry up, hurry up.
Finally it is in my hands,
my husband accelerates on the gas,
and I just about lost an eye being poked with the straw!
I felt like crying like the baby in the picture,
but instead I remain calm and get that Ice Cappucino into focus,
and Dear ole Hubby slams on the breaks,
thrusting me forward only to be saved by my seatbelt,
Saddly to say the Ice Cappucino was not held in by a seatbelt,
so some was thrown on the dashboard, which also splashed a lovely design on the windshield,
some on my lap and on the floor of his shiny truck.
He says Shite, I say I know, I did not even get to taste any of it.
He says, I am talking about my clean truck!
I say it is your fault, your the one that slammed on the brake.
He says would you have preferred me to hit that car ?
I say Look you must be in a bad mood, and I don't want to argue with you.
He says do you want another ice cappucino?
I am thinking to myself, oh I wonder what else he has planned for me,
probably wants me to see if I can lose the other eye.
I say, no thanks I will just have water when I get home.
He says good for you!
I am thinking to myself, Are you kidding me, of course I want an Ice Cappucino!
However I did not admit this and you know what I enjoyed my water
while he was out cleaning the truck.
Note to self,,,,,I wonder what he would have done if I wanted an Ice Cappucino
and a donut, Lord, I might not be here to type about it.
We were both chuckling about it later in the day.
So I have to report because of the above happenings,
I really did have a good day making the right choices with a little help from hubby.
No eyes were lost and no vehicles damaged in this incident.
How was your day? 


  1. Cute pic, Cinner - Funny story!
    Good choices in the water.
    About the babies...I was 5 pounds when I was born.
    (That's what they told me - I wasn't "there")
    Now I am only 5'2"
    And didn't gain weight until I turned 40 something.
    So I dunno.....

  2. Cute picture :o)

    Not sure about the link between babies' weight and the future. I was about 8 pounds at birth, a very "bonny" (plump) one year old, a skinny 5 year old, a plump 10 year old and a slim teen. I found I could eat anything in my twenties and early thirties and not gain a single pound - sickening I know. It all went wrong after 35!

    That's a funny story :o)

  3. funny Cinner. My niece weightd 2 lbs 2 oz when she was born 43 years ago. She is a bit on the rounded side like me. Weekend on the Wii was another fun filled ouch fest, but I keep telling myself, smile, darn ya, smaile. Ice cappucino sounds good but not that good. Your story was funny though. (((hugs))) until next time


    I was a C_section baby, and 6 pounds 6 ounces. AMazing how much our shin stretches, huh? :-)

    Help me understand what it is about what the server said whilst handing your husband the Iced-CAppuccino that was upsetting. What did I miss? (tilting my head in self-wonder)!!

    It is like Spring here so Gracey-Blue and I get outside often. And Cinner? How do I remove the 'snow' from my blog?

    Love you

  5. Gail, the server did not say anything wrong, I would jump a fence for one of those thats all. lol. When you want one you want one.

    Gail you have to go into customize, then edit your gadgets, it will be a html code that you have to remove. I believe that is all to it. Take care, and good luck.

  6. Linda, ha you made me laugh, the wii just another ouch fest, I am off outside, we supposed to get snow tomorrow, it is just beautiful today, have a great one.

    Cambridge Lady, All went to hell in a hand basket once I reached 39 as far as the weight goes....The nice weather is surely helping though, although snow in the forecast, say a prayer they are wrong.take care.

    Anne I think I may as well throw my theory through the window, but I am still thinking on it. Take care, hope you are having a great day.

  7. Ha! Your note to self is a hoot, Great story Cinner. You made me laugh out loud.


  8. Joanna, I am glad you had a chuckle, anywaay I am back to the water again, and my sisters are going to help get me back on track. my sisters both work in hospitals, so they are really good to me,,,,i hopefully can get out and do more walking, Have a great week, I will be checking in when I can. Take care, I will visit as soon as I can.

  9. Cinner - don't chuck the theory out the window - there might be some truth to it! In Hospice I look for the same kinds of clues. Just when I think I've got one pegged - *boom!* something comes back that doesn't fit!
    It just proves you have a curious mind! You and I are alot alike!

  10. Whoah! Early here so no damage done. Shall stay away from the iced cappacinos though!

  11. Oh my gosh! I love that image, too. LOVE IT!

  12. Heee heeee - a bit of an extreme way of avoiding the ice coffee. Now you know you've got me craving one!!!!! With your dieting - have you ever looked at LighterLife - I only mention it cos my friend has just lost about 7 stone on it!! I hadn't seen her on Skype for a while and then when I did recently I almost didn't recognise her. She said it worked because she didn't have to think about food much - and the weight dropped off quick so was an incentive. (Personally I couldn't do a diet like that - I'd feel too deprived).

  13. Love that picture!! Gotta smile when you see it....even though the baby thinks differently, I'm sure.
    I weighed 100 pounds when I got married...and I weighed 8 pounds 6 oz. when I was born. I refuse to divulge my weight now.
    I think that scales lie! :)) (Or perhaps the gravitational pull of the earth has changed.)
    But....YOU would be sooooo proud of me, Cindy.
    Water, water, water....and I love it!
    Let's keep going.....let's not give up. I'm rooting for you....and I hope that you continue to be my cheerleader, too. I need you!

  14. Hey Cinner, Just checking in. Hope all's good with you.


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